How to watch ‘The Traitors Australia’ in New Zealand for free on BBCiPlayer

Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure. Watch The Traitors Australia in New Zealand, the highly anticipated game show, makes its long-awaited comeback on BBC iPlayer. You can now enjoy watching The Traitors Australia in the United States, absolutely free, on BBC iPlayer starting from 9th July 2023. The British Broadcasting Corporation has brought this mentally challenging competition to viewers worldwide by acquiring the Australian version of the show.

This exciting show on the BBC iPlayer has generated a lot of enthusiasm among fans of game shows in New Zealand. The presence of popular personalities like Huw Edwards, Alexandra Duggan, and Paul Traitors Australia has heightened the anticipation. Contestants will be engaged in a thrilling race against the clock as they try to identify genuine loyal individuals among the cunning Traitors. All of this takes place against the captivating backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, adding an extra layer of intrigue.

Quick Steps: How to Watch the traitors australia online in new zealand for free

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  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to BBC iPlayer

  5. Watch The Traitors Australia on BBC iPlayer

Where can I watch The Traitors Australia in New Zealand for free?

The Traitors Australia is making its debut on BBC iPlayer, and once it airs, the show can be streamed for free on BBC iPlayer by connecting to a UK server. If you want to watch the documentary on BBC 3 in the New Zealand, you’ll need a top-notch VPN service like Express VPN to enjoy it smoothly without any obstacles.

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The Traitors Australia Release Date

Immerse yourself in the captivating game show of “The Traitors Australia” This gripping crime documentary series is now available for streaming on BBC iPlayer on 9 July 2023. Get ready for an enthralling experience filled with suspenseful storytelling that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

watch The Traitors Australia in New Zealand

BBC iPlayer is a free streaming platform in the UK, granting access to users without the need for a subscription. However, if you’re in New Zealand and eager to explore BBC iPlayer, you’ll need a valid TV license. Wondering about the cost? In the UK, the BBC iPlayer TV license is priced at $193.96/year or £159/year.

Watch The Traitors Australia Trailer

What exactly is The Traitors Australia all about?

The Traitors Australia” is a reality game show that challenges its participants, known as the faithful’s, to identify and eliminate the traitors among them. Throughout the series, the faithful’s must navigate a web of deception and mind games, testing their abilities to trust and remain loyal to one another.

The Traitors Australia Official Ratings

Who presents The Traitors Australia?

Rodger Corser’s the host of The Traitors in Australia. The 50-year-old Australian actor is best known for his portrayals of Detective Senior Sergeant Steve Owen in the Nine Network crime mini-series Underbelly and his role in Doctor, Doctor.

What is the Plot of The Traitors Australia?

In New Zealand, The Traitors Australia is an intense reality game show that cunningly revolves around strategies, deceit, doubt, and maneuvering. The participants are divided into two factions: the loyal individuals and the treacherous ones. However, what adds a thrilling twist to the show is that the Faithfuls are unaware of the real identities of the Traitors, making it even more intriguing.

watch The Traitors Australia in New Zealand

In the Land of the Long White Cloud, a group known as the Faithfuls, made up of 20 eager participants, vie for a combined cash prize worth $250,000. Their ultimate mission is to uncover and expel hidden betrayers. Every night, the Traitors assemble in clandestine meetings to plot and determine which of the Faithfuls will be eliminated or met with an untimely demise. The following morning, during breakfast, the Faithfuls learn of the outcome when the missing contestant fails to show up.

The Traitors Australia Contestants 2023

Traitors Australia ContestantsAgeOccupation
Claire52Supermarket Checkout Operator
Craig57Business Coach
Millie27Vet Nurse
Dirk34 Hotel Concierge
Lewis Wren33 Electrician
Paul61 Financial Investigator
Marielle24Law & International Politics Student
Matt32Real Estate Agent
Alex Duggan25 Model
Ethan27Fitness Instructor
Midy29Strategy Consultant
Sandra26Personal Trainer
Justine36Social Worker
Angus38Sales Manager
Jack25 Chess Champion
Mark 33 Legal Professional
Nigel Brennan50Hostage Negotiator
Olivia Fisher 43Forensic Investigator
Teresa42 Sports Club President
MK59 Criminal Lawyer
Kashindi 20Law Student

What To Expect From The Traitors Australia 2023?

The Traitors Australia is a gripping game show where tactics, betrayal, suspicion, and manipulation take center stage. There are two groups of contestants: The Faithfuls and the Traitors. The faithful must identify and remove the traitors within them if they are going to win a $250,000 share of this Silver Bars Prize Fund.

The Traitors are working secretly to deceive and undermine the Faithfuls as this competition develops. They plan every night to choose which Faithful they will eliminate, while hiding their true identities. Every morning, the Faithfuls awaken to find out who’s been eliminated, creating a tense and suspicious atmosphere in the group.

During the whole of the competition, contestants are competing against different challenges that will test their skills, intelligence and resilience. The Shield Challenges make it possible to escape banishment and murder, giving the winners an advantage. With unpredictable twists, rumors, and predictions, the psychological warfare intensifies as the Faithfuls strive to expose the Traitors, while the Traitors aim to maintain their cover.

Traitors Australia 2023 Episode Guide

The Traitors Australia consists of 12 episodes, each delving deeper into the challenging dynamics of the game. Here’s a brief overview of the available episodes:

Episode NoEpisode TitlesPreview Of the EpisodesTime Duration
The Traitors Australia Episode 1Do the faithfuls have what it takes to eliminate the traitors?As four Traitors infiltrate a group of 24 players and use their skills to eliminate disloyal contestants who are competing for a chance to win $250,000 in silver bars, deception, lies and betrayal take center stage.81 mins
The Traitors Australia Episode 2The faithfuls are back to the drawing board.Suspects arise, making it impossible for contestants to choose between investigating Olivia’s rumors or trusting the predictions of a psychic named Chloe. Is there any way the Faithful can expose the Traitors and their hidden agendas?49 mins
The Traitors Australia Episode 3As the heat turns up, will traitor turn on traitor?The Traitors have been trying to hide in plain sight until now, but they are being interrupted by a spectacular prediction. With the pressure mounting, will the Traitors turn on each other to maintain their cover?53 mins
The Traitors Australia Episode 4With one traitor raising suspicions, could the faithfuls’ luck be about to change?As suspicion grows, the players are faced with a choice between listening to Olivia’s rumor or relying on Chloe’s predictions. Can the faithful stand up and expose the traitors in their midst?67 mins
The Traitors Australia Episode 5Will one traitor take an opportunity to betray their own?The stakes rise along with the silver prize, creating tension among the Traitors. A mystery note has thrown their game into chaos, and it’s added to the confusion and deception of Traitors Tower.49 mins
The Traitors Australia Episode 6The impacts of the latest banishment are being felt by all the playersIn order to allow for the landing of three World War II planes, which carry metal bars, contestants must be able to properly configure safety markings on an airfield runway. Is it possible for the Faithful to rid themselves of the Traitor?52 mins
The Traitors Australia Episode 7The remaining faithful are desperately hoping that the next evictee will be a traitorOne of the lucky contestants is given an exemption from banishment and murder by a critical shield challenge. In the crucial Banishment Ceremony, chaos arises and deception begins to unfold, shaping the course of the game.65 mins
The Traitors Australia Episode 8The remaining faithful grow more suspicious when a player is tempted to the dark sideAs the contestant is secretly transformed into a Traitor overnight, spookings and paranoia are at an all time high leaving the Faithful on edge. The players are struggling to survive the $20k jailbreak, and further testing their ability.50 mins
The Traitors Australia Episode 9The remaining faithful must switch their way of thinkingThe Faithful scramble to find the defector, with a new recruit of the Traitors in their midst. Once the tension reaches a peak, trust begins to be elusive and accusations start flying.49 mins
The Traitors Australia Episode 10One traitor finds themselves in real danger of banishmentA gentle Traitor cultivates a seed of suspicion and steers the Faithful to one of their own. Contestants navigate lasers and attempt an art heist, adding more twists to the game.71 mins
The Traitors Australia Episode 11After the biggest banishment of the series so far, the game is down to the final fiveThe $18k Silver Challenge, high in the treetops, tests fear of heights. The newest recruit stirs suspicion about another Traitor, and this leads to a chain reaction of suspicion.47 mins
The Traitors Australia Episode 12With the finish line in sight, do the faithful have what it takes to win?With a substantial amount of silver up for grabs and the finish line in sight, the Faithful must summon their determination. Will they secure victory or unknowingly allow a Traitor to slip through in the season’s final moments?
63 mins

The Critics Review Of The Traitors Australia?

The Guardian states that the Traitors Australia is a very popular reality TV show with wild, magical entertainment as well as fascinating play. The Australian version is characterised by players from ordinary life, which adds to the authenticity of the show.

Where Was The Traitors Australia Filmed?

The Traitors Australia location takes place in the most luxurious place, which was held at a historical luxury hotel in Southern Highlands, New South Wales on Australia’s west coast, while the UK and US versions had been broadcast from an ancient Scottish castle.

The Traitors Australia on Twitter

What else can I watch on BBC iPlayer?

Here is the list of shows you can watch on BBCiplayer:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BBC show traitors about?

The Traitors is a reality competition series built on strategy and suspicion, filmed in the Scottish Highlands. A team of players will compete in a series of missions, the more missions they win, the bigger the prize pot. However, amongst the players lie the ‘Traitors’.

Is the traitor on BBC iPlayer?

The Traitors Australia is the third version of the series available to BBC viewers, following the double-BAFTA award winning and critically acclaimed first UK series of The Traitors produced by Studio Lambert and hosted by Claudia Winkleman and The Traitors US, both of which are available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.

Is traitor based on a true story?

Traitors is not based on a true story – but thanks to the secretive nature of the spying business, we may never know for sure whether America did (or did not) have an agent like Feef working from the inside of the UK government.

Final Thoughts!

Check out “The Traitors Australia” in New Zealand, a captivating reality game show that pushes 24 Kiwis to their limits of loyalty and betrayal. Presented by Rodger Corser, this program dares the devoted contestants to expose and remove the deceivers within their ranks.

Come on, Kiwis, unite with the loyal ones to weed out the betrayers and uncover the ultimate winner. Delight in the thrilling suspense, cunning tricks, and gripping gameplay of The Traitors New Zealand, available on BBCiPlayer.


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