How To Watch ‘Archer Season 14’ In Australia On FXX For Free

All Archer fans in Australia we have an exciting news because Archer is here with another season 14 on FXX releasing on 30th August 2023. You can stream the show for free on FXX by using a VPN. A VPN will help you to access the FXX channel for free & you can easily watch Archer Season 14 in Australia. FXX is the most know site when it comes to entertaining because they provide their best tv shows & best movies for the audience on their site with the high quality user experience.

Archer is like no other show out there. It’s an animated series that seamlessly blends genres, combining the spy thriller elements of James Bond with workplace humor akin to The Office. The humor in Archer is sharp, often crossing into dark comedy, and it never pulls its punches. In this article, we’ll dive into what makes Archer a must watch series, covering the voice actors like Aisha Tyler, Judy Greer & how you can stream this show via VPN in Australia.


Quick Steps: How to Watch Archer Season 14 On Fxx in Australia

Follow these simple steps to watch Archer Season 14

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Fxx

  5. Watch Archer Season 14 on Fxx

Where Can I Watch Archer Season 14 In Australia For Free

If you are wondering where you can stream the finale season of Archer in Australia. Then we got solution for you. You can stream the show on FXX via VPN for free, because VPN can give you access to the show by unblocking the FXX restrictions in Australia. FXX is available on Hulu, FuboTV, Sling TV & Disney Plus and here is there subscription plans.

Streaming ChannelsSubscription Price per Month
Hulu$7.99 monthly
fuboTV$74.99 per month
Sling TV$40 per month
Disney Plus$9.99 per month.

Where Else You Can Watch Archer Season 14 In Australia For Free

There are following planforms you can stream the Archer Season 14 on which are as follows

Why Do We Need A VPN To Watch Archer Season 14 In Australia

You will need a VPN to watch the Archer Season 14 in Australia on FXX as FXX restricts access to some regions. A VPN is required to cross these geographic boundaries, so that you can watch the show easily in Australia. A reliable VPN service will hide your device’s original location by replacing it with the US location. After that, you can watch Archer Season 14 in Australia on FXX.

Best VPNs To Watch Archer Season 14 In Australia On FXX

When it comes to choosing a VPN to unlock Archer Season 14 in Australia , two top contenders stand out: ExpressVPN and NordVPN. These powerhouses are experts in bypassing geo-blocks, ensuring smooth streaming, and keeping your online identity secure.

ExpressVPN is a high-speed VPN service that offers servers in over 90 countries, including the US.NordVPN is a popular VPN service that offers servers in over 60 countries, including Russia.
ExpressVPN has apps for all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux, and it can also be set up on routers and other devices.NordVPN has Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux apps and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.
With subscription plans starting at an attractive rate of GB£ 5.52 per month (approximately US$ 6.67 per month).With subscription plans users can take advantage of an outstanding 60% discountonly £2.89 (approximately US$3.49).
If you are looking for more extensive review of Express VPN, you can read here!If you are looking for more extensive review of Nord VPN, you can read here!

Where To Watch The Previous Archer Seasons 1-13

You can stream the previous seasons of Archer on the following channels

What Else You Can Stream On FXX In Australia

There are many tv shows you can enjoy streaming on FXX in Australia via VPN

The Archer Season 14 Release Date

The Archer Season 14 is set to grace our screens on August 30, 2023. You can catch its episode releasing on every Thursday on FXX via VPN.

Where Is The Trailer Of Archer Season 14

Here is the trailer of Archer Season 14 giving us major goosebumps.

Why Archer Is A Must Watch Series

If you’re a fan of clever humor, espionage, and animated chaos, then Archer is a series you absolutely must watch. With its quirky characters, witty banter, and unpredictable storylines, this show has carved a unique niche in the world of television.

One of the show’s standout features is its characters. Sterling Archer, the titular character, is a charismatic yet deeply flawed secret agent. His dysfunctional relationships with his colleagues, including his mother and ex-girlfriend, add layers to the story. The voice acting in Archer is exceptional, with each actor bringing their character to life in a way that’s both funny and engaging.

What Are The Ratings Of Archer

IMDB RatingRotten Tomatoes

A Quick Recap Of Archer Seasons 1-13

Before diving into the excitement of Season 14, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. “Archer” began its journey with Sterling Archer, a self-absorbed spy working for a covert agency. Over the seasons, we’ve seen Archer’s evolution from a reckless playboy to a more complex character dealing with personal growth and fatherhood. The show has managed to maintain its humor and intrigue while keeping the character development at the forefront.

Everything You Need To Know About Archer Season 14

Let’s now delve into Season 14 of Archer’s juicy details. The series promises to provide the same special mix of humor, satire, and action that viewers have grown to love. Sterling Archer, the deadliest spy in the world, is the protagonist of the tale. He and his coworkers intentionally sabotage one another’s missions and lives in this incredibly funny animation. They delve deeply into their dysfunctional lives and friendship, touching on everything from espionage to drug dealing and private investigation. With a new plot and unexpected turns, you can anticipate that Archer and his team will encounter even more ridiculous circumstances that will make you laugh aloud.

The Brilliant Mind Behind Archer

Behind the brilliance of Archer stands Adam Reed, the creative genius responsible for the show’s conception and early seasons. His vision and storytelling have played a pivotal role in the series’ success. Though Reed stepped back from the day-to-day operations of the show, his influence is still felt in every episode. His unique approach to storytelling has left an indelible mark on the world of animation.

The Archer Season 14 Voice Actors

One of the standout aspects of Archer is its exceptional voice cast. Led by H. Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer, the ensemble brings their A game to the recording booth. The actors ability to infuse their characters with personality and humor is what makes Archer such a memorable series. Hearing their voices adds a layer of depth to the characters that goes beyond the animation itself.

  • H. Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer
  • Aisha Tyler as Lana Kane
  • Judy Greer as Cheryl/Carol Tunt
  • Chris Parnell as Cyril Figgis
  • Amber Nash as Pam Poovey
  • Adam Reed as Ray Gillette
  • Lucky Yates as Algernop Krieger
  • Natalie Dew as Zara Khan

Episode Guide Of Archer Season 14

There are 8 episodes announced too be releasing starting from 30 August 2023 on FXX. Here is the episode guide for the Archer season 14

Archer Season 14 episode 1 – The Anglerfish Stratagem – August 30, 2023

An unplanned vacation forces Lana to accompany Archer, Pam, and Cyril on a mission that quickly backfires.

Archer Season 14 episode 2 – 30 for 30 – August 30, 2023

Zara Khan thinks she’s a real knockout, but Archer wants to prove she’s just as amazing. Pam and Gillette sit down and keep score.

Archer Season 14 episode 3 – Plaque Removal – September 6, 2023

Archer, Lana and Zara travel to England to stop a thief who might be stealing some cursed items.

Archer Season 14 episode 4 – Chill Barry – September 13, 2023

Barry returns and gives the gang the cold shoulder in their efforts to put the other Barry on ice.

Archer Season 14 episode 5 – Keys Open Doors – September 20, 2023

An unplanned vacation forces Lana to accompany Archer, Pam and Cyril on a mission that quickly goes off the rails.

Archer Season 14 episode 6 – Face Off- September 27, 2023

The agency is working with Interpol to take down a highly organized ring of jewel thieves; Archer is skeptical as their Interpol contact seems to view the assignment as more of an audition.

Archer Season 14 episode 7 – Mission Out of Control Room- October 4, 2023


Archer Season 14 episode 8- Breaking Fabian- October 11, 2023


Critical Acclaim And Awards

Archer has received critical acclaim throughout its run. It has been praised for its sharp writing, clever humor, and unique approach to animation. The series has also garnered several awards, including Emmy Awards for its voice acting and animation. Critics and fans alike have recognized Archer as a standout in the world of television.

Binge Worthy Moments From Past Seasons

As you gear up for Season 14, take a moment to reminisce about the unforgettable moments from previous seasons. Whether it’s Archer’s questionable decision-making, Pam’s outrageous antics, or Cheryl’s eccentricities, Archer is chock full of hilarious and bizarre occurrences. These moments are what make the show binge worthy, and you can expect more of the same in the upcoming season.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I watch ‘Archer Season 14’ on Netflix or Hulu?

Nope, ‘Archer’ is on FXX. But if you’re looking for more streaming options, I’ve got you covered with my list above!

How do I sign up for FXX to watch ‘Archer Season 14’?

You’ll need a cable subscription that includes FXX. Alternatively, some streaming services might offer FXX as an add-on, so keep an eye out for those deals.

Is Archer suitable for all ages?

Archer is intended for mature audiences due to its adult humor and themes.

What is the Runtime of Archer season 14?

22 minutes is the runtime of Archer season 14


In a world of television filled with countless options, “Archer” stands out as a must-watch series. Its blend of humor, espionage, and unforgettable characters has captivated audiences for years. With Archer Season 14 on the horizon, the excitement is higher than ever. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the series, there’s no better time to dive into the world of Sterling Archer and his eccentric team.

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