The Masked Singer Season 10 “will have the best costumes ever”

The release of Fox’s The Masked Singer Season 10 is just around the corner! Season 10 of the show featured an exciting special episode on September 10. It showcased a significant unmasking of one of the contestants and provided viewers with fresh clues about the identities of the remaining masked performers.

But there’s much more left to be seen! In an interview with Deadline, executive producer Craig Plestis shed light on the new things we can expect this season:

“I think that what we’re doing for Season 10 is we’re looking back at the past nine seasons. What we did was cherry pick the best of everything about it, between formats and what we’ve learned throughout the whole show,” he shared.

“It just made a super great season like we’ve never done before. We’ve upgraded. We’ve learned from our past seasons doing themes to just make them bigger and better. This season [we have] Harry Potter, an Elton John music night, Trolls night, NFL football… as well as several other great themes. So I think that’s part of it, but also just bringing back certain elements [from past seasons]. We have our groups competing against each other back again. We have the ding dong bell coming back. So we’re cherry picking the best parts of all the formats we’ve ever tried out to make it a super mega fantastic format,” Plestis added.

He also revealed The Masked Singer Season 10 will “have the best costumes ever,” adding:

There’s a few (costumes) you already know of. We have Donut, which is incredible. We have Anteater. We have Hibiscus and a life-size S’more, which we’ve been dying to do. I can tell you right now — I’m not gonna tell you the costume, but for the first time, we have, without a doubt, the largest, tallest costume ever built in the history of The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer Season 10 airs September 27.

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