Vicky McClure Takes Lead in Paramount+ UK Thriller Insomnia

Line of Duty star Vicky McClure is set to lead the cast of the upcoming Paramount+ UK drama series Insomnia. The series, produced by Left Bank Pictures, is an adaptation of Sarah Pinborough’s gripping sleep deprivation thriller novel.

In Insomnia, McClure will portray Emma Averill, a successful career woman who begins to question her sanity when her dream life takes a nightmarish turn. Just weeks before her fortieth birthday, Emma finds herself unable to sleep, mirroring a troubling pattern in her family history.

Tom Cullen, known for The Gold, will play Emma’s loving husband, Robert. Smylie Bradwell (Wisting) and India Fowler (The Nevers) join as Will and Chloe, Emma and Tom’s children. Leanne Best (Bolan’s Shoes) takes on the role of Emma’s estranged sister, Phoebe, and Corinna Marlowe (Hysteria) portrays Emma’s mother, Patricia.

Vicky McClure Takes Lead in Paramount+ UK Thriller Insomnia

According to Deadline, the thing that adds intrigue to this production is Vicky McClure’s own production company, Build Your Own Films, has joined the project. McClure expressed her excitement for the series, highlighting the exciting script written by Sarah Pinborough and the fantastic cast and crew.

Part of Paramount’s Global Strategy

The show is a part of Paramount+’s global strategy to commission 150 international originals by 2025. It joins other UK originals like A Gentleman in Moscow, The Castaways, and The Killing Kind as the streaming service expands its content offerings, and now, Insomnia will join their ranks as well.

Insomnia promises to be a thrilling addition to the Paramount+ lineup, with Vicky McClure leading the way in a role different from her previous work, and the talented ensemble cast contributing to the suspenseful narrative.

Stay tuned for the series’s anticipated launch in 2024, as it delves into the realms of psychological intrigue and sleepless nights.

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