‘The Color Purple’ New Trailer Emphasizes Power of Sisterhood

Warner Bros. has unveiled a new trailer for The Color Purple, which is an adaptation of Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel from 1982 and the subsequent musical based on it.

The story revolves around Celie, portrayed by Phylicia Pearl Mpasi in her younger years and by Fantasia Barrino as an adult, a impoverished Black woman living in the early 1900s American South. In the initial trailer released in May, viewers witnessed Celie’s separation from her sister Nettie, played by Halle Bailey and Ciara.

The film delves into Celie’s arduous journey over several years as she strives to discover her true self and find her own happiness. In the new trailer, we see a poignant contrast between Celie and Nettie’s cherished childhood moments together and Celie’s deep longing for her sister in her later years, as she remains resolute in her determination to be reunited with her.

Through a voiceover, Celie expresses “I know my sister’s somewhere in the world,” as an image of the older Nettie played by Ciara appears. “Someday, we’re going to meet again.”

The new teaser also shines a spotlight on Danielle Brooks’ character, Sophia, who questions whether Celie’s kindness might be excessive. She later confronts Celie’s husband, Albert “Mister” Johnson, played by Colman Domingo.

In a subsequent scene, Celie is depicted expressing her desire to break free from Mister, despite the fact that he subjects her to physical abuse.

“I’d die before I let that happen,” he says. “Good. That’s just the going away present I’ve been needing,” she replies.

The recent sneak peek of the film also offers glimpses of the musical numbers it contains, including a notable performance by Taraji P. Henson as she sings the song Push Da Button.

The Color Purple releases in theatres on December 25.

Noor Tariq

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