‘The Woman in the Wall’ Unveils Shocking Discoveries in Episode 4

In a startling turn of events in Episode 4 of BBC One’s The Woman in the Wall, Lorna Brady, who had yearned to reunite with her daughter Agnes, made a heart-wrenching discovery.

Her quest took her to the house of the wailing woman, Aoife, where she stumbled upon her baby’s death certificate, hidden beneath a floorboard. The revelation shattered her hopes.

Lorna’s determination to find her daughter’s resting place only led to disappointment. Despite exhaustive searches through archives, Agnes seemed to have vanished like 295 other infants, leaving the pressing question of what happened to their bodies.

'The Woman in the Wall' Unveils Shocking Discoveries in Episode 4

RT writes that the desperation mounted as Lorna compared her situation to the notorious Tuam case, hinting at the possibility of a mass grave in Kilkinure.

However, in a game-changing twist, Detective Colman Akande paid Lorna a visit. He had recently uncovered unsettling facts about The House of the Sacred Shepherd, the agency overseeing the transfer of children from mother and baby homes to new families.

Although official records stated its closure in 1979, mounting evidence suggested otherwise.

Colman’s visit to a local archive library led to a shocking revelation: his own death certificate, dated December 12, 1989. But Colman was very much alive.

As Lorna compared her daughter’s certificate to Colman’s, laughter broke through the darkness. The possibility arose that Agnes might still be alive, shrouding the future in uncertainty and hope.

Episode 4 of The Woman in the Wall introduces a compelling twist, leaving audiences eager to learn more about the mysterious events in Kilkinure.

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