Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max Leads in Streaming Satisfaction

In a recent report, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max has emerged as the top-ranking streaming service in terms of customer satisfaction among U.S. subscribers. This marks the second consecutive year that Max has claimed the top spot in this annual survey, though its rating experienced a slight dip compared to the previous year.

The report, based on responses from 2,011 U.S. consumers aged 18 to 54, collected data between July 7 and 16, 2023. Max secured an 88% satisfaction rating, down from 94% in 2022 but still ahead of the competition.

Deadline reports that Disney’s Hulu secured the second position in the rankings, followed by Disney+. Meanwhile, Netflix, which was ranked second overall in 2021 but dropped to fourth place in 2022, continued its descent, landing in sixth place this year.

While Netflix excelled in user experience and content recommendations, it was rated the lowest in perceived value among subscribers.

According to Variety’s data, despite its slide in rankings, Netflix remained the most indispensable streaming service, with 27% of users choosing it as the one service they would keep if they had to choose only one. However, this figure represented a decline from 2021 when Netflix garnered a 41% score in this category.

Streaming Satisfaction

Interestingly, mid-tier services like Apple TV+, Hulu, Peacock, Prime, and Paramount+ saw an increase in user satisfaction. These platforms were praised for their content quality, variety, and overall product value.

Notably, Peacock and Apple TV+ made the largest year-over-year gains in platform value, each gaining 5 points.

While the streaming landscape continues to evolve, this report underscores the dynamic nature of viewer preferences and the importance of continually delivering high-quality content and value to subscribers.

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