Survivor Season 45 Host Jeff Probst Discusses New 90-Minute Episodes

In a recent interview, Jeff Probst, the long-time host and executive producer of the hit CBS reality show Survivor, discussed season 45 and some exciting changes the show is making.

The new season of Survivor, which aired on September 27, introduced 90-minute episodes for the first time in the show’s history. Probst revealed that this change was not a response to external factors like a strike but had been a pitch from the Survivor team for several years.

CBS finally agreed to give it a try for one season, allowing the show to delve deeper into contestants’ stories, showcase more elaborate hidden immunity idols, and provide more extensive coverage of tribal council sessions.

Probst highlighted in the interview that the extended episodes allow for a deeper dive into the contestants’ lives and personalities, providing viewers with a richer experience. This new format has been designed with the audience in mind, giving more time for character development and compelling storytelling.

Will the 90-minute Format Continue?

When asked if this format would continue into the next season, Probst responded that it’s a test this season, and the episode lengths for the next season are still uncertain.

Survivor Season 45 Host Jeff Probst Discusses New 90-Minute Episodes

One of the significant changes in recent Survivor seasons has been a focus on diverse casting, which Probst believes has injected freshness into the show’s roster of contestants. This shift, initiated by CBS Entertainment president and CEO George Cheeks, has brought in a more varied and engaging group of players.

Probst also discussed the Survivor podcast, “On Fire,” which started in the previous season. He mentioned that Season 2 of the podcast will include a player’s perspective, with Rick Devens, a former contestant, offering analysis and insights into the strategic aspects of the game.

When asked about his influences as a host, Probst cited Howard Stern as his primary inspiration, emphasizing the importance of asking direct and honest questions to drive engaging conversations. He also admired Larry King’s straightforward interviewing style.

Finally, Probst expressed his enduring enthusiasm for Survivor, stating that the show’s recent revitalization has rekindled his passion for it. He mentioned that the break due to COVID-19 allowed the team to reevaluate the show’s direction and led to the creation of a new era in Survivor.

As Probst gears up for the new season with longer episodes and an ever-diverse cast, his genuine excitement for Survivor season 45 continues to shine through.

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