Piers Morgan Faces Taunts and Defeat at National Television Awards

In a night filled with both cheers and boos, Piers Morgan attended the National Television Awards where he was nominated in the TV interviews category for his show, Piers Morgan Uncensored on Talk TV.

The NTAs were hosted by comedian Joel Dommett, who couldn’t resist taking a jab at Morgan, saying, “Piers Morgan is here!” This quip was met with a mixed reaction from the audience.

Dommett went on to humorously add, “Hey, everyone, say what you like about Piers Morgan…” before introducing another celebrity without further mention of Morgan. Despite the teasing, Morgan took it all in stride.

However, Morgan’s night at the National Television Awards took a disappointing turn as he lost out in his category to Graham Norton. Who won for his BBC chat show. Norton, appearing via video link from the US, humorously remarked,

“Finally I win a National Television Award and I’m not there! This award means so much, mostly it means that Ant and Dec don’t have a talk show… yet.”

Ant and Dec, the popular presenting duo, continued their NTAs winning streak by securing the award for best TV presenter for the 22nd consecutive time.

Morgan had previously expressed his doubts about winning, saying, “They’d all rather shoot themselves then give me an award.” Despite the banter, he believed his show had delivered significant interviews in the past year.

Morgan tweeted after the show:

In an unexpected move, as The Independent notes, fans were surprised to see Morgan traveling to the event via the London Underground, marking his first time using public transport in over 30 years.

The National Television Awards also saw ITV’s This Morning losing out to The Repair Shop for the best daytime show award amid the ongoing controversy over Philip Schofield’s resignation.

While Morgan didn’t secure an NTA win, he certainly left an impression on the event with his resilience and humor in the face of playful taunting.

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