Netflix’s ‘At Home With The Furys’ Rises to Become UK’s Top Shows

Netflix’s triumph continues with the success of At Home With The Furys, as it earns a coveted position among the UK’s most-watched television shows.

The documentary series, delving into the life of boxing sensation Tyson Fury and his family, gained immediate traction, drawing in a noteworthy viewership of 2.6 million for its debut episode.

Remarkably, At Home With The Furys secured the 36th spot in the UK’s weekly television ratings, as reported by Barb, the official audience research group in the country. Nestled between two news bulletins, this achievement marks Netflix’s triumphant return to the top 50 ranking since Matilda The Musical in June.

According to Deadline, this captivating series, produced by All3Media’s Optomen, accomplishes what others have strived for, propelling itself into Barb’s ranking where even the second season of the buzzing young adult drama “Heartstopper” fell short.

Treading in the realm of television excellence, At Home With The Furys demonstrates Netflix’s ability to strike a chord with diverse audiences, delving into the world of sports and the personal stories of prominent figures.

Netflix's ‘At Home With The Furys’ Rises to Become UK’s Top Shows

The series offers an intimate glimpse into Tyson Fury’s life beyond the boxing ring, resonating with viewers on a profound level.

While the Women’s World Cup final claimed the top spot in the same week, registering a viewership of 7.4 million, the accomplishment of At Home With The Furys underscores the unique appeal of real-life narratives and their ability to captivate the hearts of audiences.

It’s worth noting that the figures exclusively encompass television set viewership, omitting mobile device viewing from the statistics. As Netflix continues to craft engaging content that resonates with global audiences,

At Home With The Furys stands as a testament to the platform’s prowess in telling compelling stories that resonate with viewers from all walks of life.

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