Molly Gordon Shines in Theater Camp as Comedy Sensation of 2023

Move over, Claire from The Bear! There’s a new star on the rise, and her name is Molly Gordon. In 2023, she’s making waves not for her role as Claire but for her outstanding performance as Rebecca-Diane in Theater Camp.

Theater Camp, an uproarious mockumentary reminiscent of Christopher Guest meets Wet Hot American Summer, premiered in theaters via Searchlight in July and is now streaming on Hulu and digital platforms.

What sets it apart? Well, Molly Gordon isn’t just the star; she’s also the co-writer and co-director of this comedic gem, alongside her musical theater collaborators Nick Lieberman, Ben Platt, and Noah Galvin.

According to Decider, in the film, Gordon and Platt play heightened, less-than-successful versions of themselves: Rebecca-Diane and Amos, childhood best friends immersed in musical theater. While Amos is ruthlessly blunt with the kids, Rebecca-Diane is a more gentle soul, dabbling in communicating with the dead as a medium.

The film’s humor sparkles through razor-sharp one-liners and moments of sheer absurdity, showcasing Gordon’s remarkable comedic talent.

Molly Gordon Shines in Theater Camp as Comedy Sensation of 2023

What makes Gordon’s performance truly exceptional is her ability to seamlessly transition between comedy and drama. The film explores the complexities of friendship as Rebecca-Diane faces the dilemma of pursuing a featured soloist role on a Cole Porter-themed cruise, which strains her relationship with Amos. Gordon’s authentic portrayal of their friendship’s ups and downs is a testament to her acting prowess.

The Bear may have showcased Gordon’s talent, but Theater Camp firmly establishes her as a comedy star. Her on-screen presence, witty humor, and impeccable comedic timing make her a standout performer, and her contributions as a writer and director further solidify her status in the comedy world.

In Theater Camp, Molly Gordon proves that she’s not just a breakout star of 2023 but a bonafide comedy sensation. Her multifaceted talents shine brightly, leaving us eagerly anticipating her next comedic masterpiece.

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