ITV to Shut Down CITV Channel & Launch ITVX Kids Streaming Service

In a bold move signaling a significant shift in the landscape of children’s television, British broadcaster ITV has declared the forthcoming closure of its cherished CITV channel on September 1st. This pivotal change will pave the way for the introduction of the cutting-edge online streaming platform, ITVX Kids.

With more than four decades of entertaining generations of young viewers, CITV has been a cornerstone of British children’s programming. It has been home to iconic shows like Mr. Bean, My Parents are Aliens, Scooby Doo, and Inspector Gadget.

However, the dynamic landscape of media consumption has propelled ITV towards an innovative and forward-looking strategy.

The reasoning behind this transformation lies in the seismic shift in viewing habits, with both children and adults increasingly embracing the digital realm for their entertainment needs. The advent of on-demand streaming has upended the traditional paradigm of scheduled programming. ITVX Kids, introduced in 2022, serves as ITV’s digital-first response to this seismic shift.

ITV to Shut Down CITV Channel & Launch ITVX Kids Streaming Service

The concept behind ITVX Kids is simple yet revolutionary. To empower children to consume content on their own terms. Whether it’s their favorite show or cherished cartoons, the new platform liberates young viewers from the constraints of traditional television schedules.

This aligns perfectly with the trend of “appointment to view” TV, where audiences seek content that suits their convenience.

As per BBC News, the change is substantiated by comprehensive statistics revealing a 62% decrease in children’s TV viewership since 2019, while streaming of children’s content has surged by 30% during the same period.

ITV’s strategic shift underlines a profound commitment to embracing the digital age. Moreover, it acts as a catalyst in molding content delivery to suit the evolving preferences of viewers.

As CITV bids farewell after the impending summer holidays, the dawn of ITVX Kids promises an era of dynamic and personalized children’s entertainment. Thereby, reflecting the evolving landscape of media consumption.

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