Who Won Love Island USA Season 4?

Love Island USA season 4 culminated in an exciting finale, crowning Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi as the winners. This season, which aired on Peacock TV, captivated audiences with its mix of romance, drama, and unexpected twists. This article delves into the journey of the winning couple, their challenges, and the dynamics of the show that led to their victory.

The Essence of Love Island

Love Island USA is a reality TV show on Peacock TV where singles, known as Islanders, live in a secluded villa, seeking love and competing for a cash prize. The show’s format involves coupling, challenges, and public voting, with the audience having a significant say in the contestants’ fate. Hosted by Sarah Hyland and narrated by Iain Stirling, the show is known for its dramatic plotlines and romantic entanglements. Moreover, you can also avail Peacock TV free trial, to explore through the platform. Check out the best pricing plans for Peacock, to subscribe today and enjoy the show!

The Winning Couple of Season 4: Zeta and Timmy

Love Island USA season 4
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Coming from Los Angeles, Zeta Morrison, a dedicated babysitter and accomplished author, crossed paths with Timmy Pandolfi, a multifaceted individual working as both a real estate agent and a personal trainer, at the beginning of Season 4. From the beginning, a powerful connection blossomed between them, setting the stage for a captivating love story.

As the season unfolded, the couple faced various challenges and the entry of new contestants, yet their relationship not only endured but strengthened. The intricacies of their journey showcased not only their initial spark but also highlighted their compatibility and resilience in the face of adversity. Zeta and Timmy’s unwavering bond and the evolution of their romance garnered them a devoted fan following, solidifying their status as favourites among the viewers. Moreover you can also watch Love Island Games on Peacock TV, if you are a fan of this show!

The Road to Victory

Love Island USA season 4
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Throughout the season, Zeta and Timmy navigated the complexities of villa life, including the arrival of new Islanders and the pressure of public opinion. Their ability to maintain a strong bond amidst the chaos of the show was remarkable. The couple’s genuine connection and mutual respect resonated with viewers, contributing to their popularity.

The Finale and Public Vote

As the highly anticipated finale unfolded, the tension soared as Zeta and Timmy found themselves in fierce competition with other formidable couples, such as Isaiah Campbell & Sydney Paight and Jesse Bray & Deb Chubb. The climax of the season saw intense challenges and emotional moments, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

In a dramatic turn of events, it was the collective voice of the public through their votes that ultimately crowned Zeta and Timmy as the well-deserved winners, earning them the coveted grand prize of $100,000. The announcement of their victory echoed through the show, sparking jubilation among their dedicated fan base and garnering heartfelt congratulations from both fellow contestants and the show’s enthusiastic viewers. The triumph of Zeta and Timmy became a standout moment, etching their names in the Love Island Games history as champions of the season.

Are Zeta and Timmy still together?

While their win was a high point, the real test for Zeta and Timmy began after the show. The transition from the villa to the real world posed new challenges for the couple. Zeta revealed in a podcast interview with Murad Merali that their relationship started to deteriorate post-show. Issues like lack of support, ghosting, and differences in personality led to their eventual breakup.

Moreover, Zeta disclosed instances of Timmy’s inconsiderate behavior, such as not offering her a ride home and making her walk alone in downtown Los Angeles at 2 am. She cited Timmy’s insulting comments, labeling her as “entitled” and mocking her spirituality, as factors contributing to their breakup, hinting that Love Island USA popularity may have strained their relationship. Zeta revealed:

We’re no longer together, and the storyline is really what I would like to get out because I truly give about my fans and my supporters” 

Fan Reactions and Legacy

The audience’s reaction to Zeta and Timmy’s win was mixed. While many celebrated their victory, others questioned the longevity of their relationship outside the villa. Some fans felt other couples, like Isaiah and Sydney, were more deserving. Despite these opinions, Zeta and Timmy’s journey on Love Island USA was a highlight of the season, showcasing a relationship that, while not lasting, was genuine and heartfelt in the villa.


Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi’s win in Love Island USA season 4 was a culmination of their strong connection, resilience, and the support of the audience. Their journey on the show was a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, and romantic moments. While their relationship did not withstand the pressures of the real world, their time on the show remains a significant chapter in Love Island USA history, demonstrating that love, even in a reality TV setting, can be genuine and impactful.

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