How To Watch ‘New Bandits’ On Prime Video Outside USA

Are you prepared for a wild ride? I’ve got something energizing to share with you that will have you on the edge of your seat. You can watch New Bandits on Prime Video Via VPN without any geographical restrictions.

We’re about to immerse into the exciting world of New Bandits, the most recent sensation making waves within the amusement domain, releasing on Prime Video on 17th August 2023

Now, I know that you are because you’ve been wondering – “How can I watch New Bandits on Prime Video if I’m not in the USA?” So, buckle up, and let’s set out on this cinematic travel together!

Quick Steps: How to Watch New Bandits on Prime Video outside USA

Follow these simple steps to watch New Bandits

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Prime Video

  5. Watch New Bandits on Prime Video

Why do you need a VPN to watch New Bandits outside the USA

Imagine this situation: You are snuggled up in your favorite place in the world, excited to watch the exciting second season of New Bandits. However, you discover that the show is only accessible in the United States. That’s unfortunate, isn’t it? That’s when a special tool called a VPN can be useful.

A VPN can help you access restricted content from different countries. It’s like having a hidden passage that brings you directly to your beloved TV shows, regardless of your location. If you want to watch New Bandits on Prime Video from outside the USA, a VPN can help you.

Where To Stream New Bandits Online?

Now, before we get into the details, let’s discuss where you can watch the show “New Bandits” on the internet. You don’t want to miss any part of this exciting adventure. Good news, the movie is on Prime Video! And guess what? Prime Video has different options for subscriptions that fit your likes and how much you want to spend. You can see how much the subscription costs in the easy-to-read table below.

Watch New Bandits
Subscription PlanPrice per Month
Basic Plan$8.99
Standard Plan$12.99
Premium Plan$15.99

Best VPNs to Watch New Bandits on Prime Video Outside USA

Let’s talk about something important: How to watch the series New Bandits on Prime Video if you are outside the USA. Luckily, there is a simple solution – VPNs. Two great options are ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Here is what makes them the best options for you to choose:

  • ExpressVPN is famous for being very fast. It allows you to watch videos without any pauses or interruptions. The subscription plans begin at a rate of US$ 6.67 per month with a generous 49% discount, and if you commit to a full year, you also receive an extra three months free. Additionally, it has a large network of servers, which means you can access it from almost any location in the world.
  • NordVPN is extremely strong when it comes to keeping your information safe. You can save 60% with their 2-year plan, which costs only about US$3.49 a month. You can watch New Bandits without any worries because your information is protected with strong security and the company doesn’t keep any records of it.

How to Watch New Bandits In Europe

You can also enjoy New Bandits on Amazon Prime Video in Europe via VPN. You can easily bypass the geographical restrictions no matter where you reside in Europe. You can also enjoy shows like Puppy Love in UK. Be it Germany, Italy, the UK, or the Netherlands. With VPN you can access countless shows from different regions by making it appear as if they’re connecting from a different location.

Everything You Need To Know About New Bandits

GenreDrama, Action
Release dateAugust 17, 2023
DirectorFábio Mendonça, Aly Muritiba

The show New Bandits is not your ordinary one, it is full of ups and downs, suspense, and surprising turns. Ubaldo, a bank clerk who can’t remember his childhood, is in a tough situation and needs money to take care of his sick adoptive father. Luckily, he receives an inheritance that will greatly improve his life. He goes to Cratará, which is in the middle of the desert in the northwest.

Watch New Bandits

There, he will become the leader of a group of very mean bandits. He is doing this to continue his biological father’s legacy, who was a legendary outlaw. Imagine a fantastic mix of intense storytelling and thrilling action – that is what New Bandits offers.

Mark Your Calender: New Bandits Announces Its Release Date

Make sure to put the date on your calendar in a big, bold marker because New Bandits will be on our screens on August 17, 2023. That’s correct, in just a few days, you will be immersed in the exciting world of intense robberies and thrilling suspense. Make sure you have free time, gather your favorite snacks, and prepare to be captivated right from the beginning of the first episode.

Get a Glimpse of the New Bandits Trailer

Here’s a glimpse into the series through its power-packed trailer!

Meet the Stars of New Bandits

It’s no news that the quality of a show is determined by the actors in it, and New Bandits does not disappoint when it comes to its cast. Let’s discuss the actors who will portray these fascinating characters.

Allan Souza Lima
Alice Carvalho
Thainá Duarte
Ricardo Blat
Marcélia Cartaxo
Hermila Guedes
Ênio Cavalcante
Adélio Lima
Joálisson Cunha
Pedro Lamin
Nivaldo Nascimento
Pedro Wagner
Rodrigo García
Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos

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Episode Guide of New Bandits

Alright, let’s dive deeper – the episode guide. With a total of 8 episodes in season 1, came to Prime Video on 17th August, 2023. I won’t ruin the surprises for you, but here’s a little preview of what you can anticipate.

Episode 1 | The Weight of Inheritance | 17 August 2023

Ubaldo, a former soldier who now works at a bank in So Paulo, travels to the northeast after learning that his biological father, a notorious felon, left him a large estate. When Ubaldo is taken hostage during a bank heist, he prevents his death by divulging information about a different heist that will net more money. As long as he can demonstrate his validity, he is skilled at persuasion and can get the gang to accept his offer.

Episode 2 | A Promise is a Promise | 17 August 2023

Former military serviceman Ubaldo now works at a bank in So Paulo. He travels to the northeast after learning that his biological father, a well-known cangaceiro whom he never met, left him some lands. When Ubaldo is taken hostage during a bank heist, he avoids being killed by providing crucial information for a subsequent heist that could net him more money. He can persuade the gang to accept his offer, but he must provide proof to back up his claim.

Episode 3 | My Name is Ubaldo Vaqueiro | 17 August 2023

Ubaldo gets in touch with his childhood friend Leinneane, whose husband is running for mayor, as the group gets ready for the upcoming heist. When the next robbery nearly results in their deaths, tensions among the bandits increase. Ubaldo challenges the gang’s inexperience and defeats Ameaço in combat. They must follow his instructions going forward: no deaths are permitted if they want to make real money.

Episode 4 | The Price of Inheritance | 17 August 2023

Dinorah places a 1 million reais bid to prevent the bank from auctioning off their properties while Ubaldo works to professionalize the gang. The heist is over, but they still need more money to prepare for the next one. Dilvania allows the families whose homes were sold at auction to settle on their property, establishing a commune and igniting political animosity.

Episode 5 | Living Dangerously | 17 August 2023

After pulling off a successful heist, Ubaldo transports his recently returned father Ernesto to Cratará from So Paulo. Dinorah is preparing to exact revenge on Mayor Gasto for raping her when she was a child. Her boyfriend Lino assists her in attacking Gasto and disfiguring him. Lino, however, is shot as he flees the crime scene.

Episode 6 | All is Politics | 17 August 2023

Political rivals of Gasto, including Leinneane’s husband and her family, are charged with committing the crimes against him. Ernesto tries to talk his son out of his risky new lifestyle because he is concerned about it. Ubaldo realizes he must steal whatever it takes for Leinneane to defeat the Maleiros in the election after he and Leinneane are the targets of an assassination attempt.

Episode 7 | My Way | 17 August 2023

To support Paulino Leite’s campaign, Ubaldo and Dinorah only rob part of a bank. Ernesto blows up Ubaldo’s stores, taking out his weapons in the process, to prevent his son from becoming a criminal. Ubaldo and Leinneane suspect Gasto, and the would-be first lady funds the robbery that will give her political success with funds from her campaign.

Episode 8 | Crime Never Pays | 17 August 2023

Ameaço and his followers surprise Ubaldo’s gang, sparking a shootout that results in the deaths of men on both sides. Furious supporters of Gasto set out to dismantle the brotherhood. While Ernesto was still inside, they set the building on fire. Out of the ashes of this tragedy, a new, saintly Ubaldo emerges, a full-blooded cancageiro willing to kill.

What are the Ratings of New Bandits?

It has only been a day since New Bandits released, and the ratings are only going up! So let’s check them out!

IMDB Rating7.6/10

The Hype of New Bandits


Do I need a VPN to watch “New Bandits” outside the USA?

Absolutely! A VPN can help you bypass those pesky geo-restrictions and access the content you love.

Can I use a VPN to watch the show?

While you can try, it’s recommended to use a reliable VPN service with servers in the USA for smoother streaming.

Will using a VPN slow down my internet speed?

It might have a slight impact on speed, but a good VPN provider will ensure minimal disruptions.


That’s all there is to it, folks. From anywhere in the world, you can now jump right into the world of New Bandits on Prime Video. This television series is shaping up to be a must-watch because it has the ideal balance of action, drama, and suspense. Grab your VPN, get ready with your favorite snacks, and get ready to embark on this exhilarating journey. Where there is a will, there is unquestionably a way to watch New Bandits on Prime Video outside the USA. Enjoy your binge-watching!

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