15 Best Oxygen TV Shows To Watch in 2023

Are you in the mood for some thrilling and suspenseful entertainment? Look no further than Oxygen TV, an American-based True Crime channel that offers a wide range of gripping TV shows, reality series, and crime documentaries.

We’ve got you covered. In this article, we will explore the 15 best Oxygen TV shows available in USA in 2023. So sit back, relax, and get ready for an exhilarating ride filled with true crime series and unsolved mysteries.

911 Crisis Center

Join the hardworking operators of the emergency call center in Chagrin Valley, Ohio, as they handle non-stop callers in need of help. This reality TV show offers a glimpse into the challenging world of 911 operators and the heart-wrenching emergencies they face every day.

DirectorAdam Kassen
CastEssence Sullins, Charline Polk, Melanie
McCavish, Lushonda Hall,
Christine “Mooch” Muccino, Ashley Welch,
Jackie Chappuies, Abby Encarnacion,
Nancy Woodruff
GenreReality-TV Show
Imdb Ratings7.7/10

A Wedding and a Murder

Love and marriage take a dark turn in this series as investigators delve into the shocking murders that occur during weddings. Follow the stories of couples whose dreams of a happily ever after turn into nightmare scenarios.

DirectorZaki Rubenstein
CastThomas Ernst, Tom Alper,
Sydney Malmberg Liu, Becca Buckalew,
Jeremy Sless, Evan Michael Pinsonnault,
Alex Kotsyk, Christine Kent, Alex Jamal,
Hallie York
GenreDocumentary, Crime
Imdb Ratings6.8/10

A Lie to Die For

If you’ve ever wanted to play detective and unravel mysterious lies, this series is for you. Each episode delves into the dangerous world of life-threatening lies, as an investigator uncovers the truth behind them.

DirectorDana Johnston
CastJoni E. Johnston, Caroline Klidonas,
Lori Soares, Judy Ho, Paula Lauzon, Diane Gaede
Imdb Ratings6.9/10

Aaron Hernandez Uncovered

Discover the true story of Aaron Hernandez, a once-successful football player whose life took a dark turn. This documentary sheds light on the factors that led to his downfall, including his medical condition and the events surrounding his crimes.

DirectorGeno McDermott
CastShayanna Jenkins, Jose Baez, Kirk Minihane, Gerry Callahan, Christian Fauria, Ted Daniel, Joseph DiRenzo, Maria Cramer, Michelle McPhee, Dave Altimari, George Leontire, Brandon Spikes
GenreCrime, Documentary
Imdb Ratings7.2/10

Mark of a Serial Killer

DirectorChad Cunningham
CastJoni E. Johnston, Katherine Ramsland, Andrew D. Erath, Jill Holder, Jay Heselschwerdt, Mitch Damron, Timothy Kee, Mary Ellen O’Toole, Mark E. Safarik, Gina Presciti White
GenreCrime, Drama
Imdb Ratings8/10

“Mark of a Serial Killer” is a gripping crime drama series that premiered in 2021. Directed by Chad Cunningham and written by Steve Bronstein, the show presents a deep and unsettling exploration of the darkest corners of the human psyche. With an IMDb rating of 8/10, it has captivated audiences with its intense storytelling and thought-provoking content.

Accident, Suicide, or Murder

Delve into the perplexing cases where the line between accident, suicide, and murder becomes blurred. Follow investigators as they untangle the truth behind these mysterious and often tragic incidents.

DirectorNick Budabin, Justyna Bell
CastAmanda Duarte, Alex Ott, A.J. Leal, Jessica Porter, Michelle Duarte, Elizabeth Duarte, Shanon Lee, Jeff Duarte
GenreCrime, Mystery
Imdb Ratings7.6/10

Buried in the Backyard

Uncover the shocking stories of bodies found buried in unsuspecting places, right in people’s own backyards. This series explores the dark secrets and hidden crimes that lie just beneath the surface.

DirectorJulie Pizzi, Mike Stiller
CastCraig Williams, David Gonzalez, Keith Burke, Kenneth Stewart, Ralph Baraducci, Rebekah Heath, Brian Perry
GenreCrime, Mystery
Imdb Ratings7.1/10

Criminal Confessions

Step inside the interrogation room as detectives work tirelessly to extract confessions from criminals. This gripping series provides a behind-the-scenes look at the tactics and techniques used to solve perplexing cases.

DirectorMichael Hoff
CastMark Krenik, Tom Morris, Eli Gabay, Heather Ashley Boyd, Chris Tapp, Jennifer Faith, Tamsen Fadal, Jim Bell, Michael Roderick, Joelle Garguilo, Kevin G. Cox
GenreCrime, Mystery
Imdb Ratings7.3/10

Deadly Cults

Explore the sinister world of cults and the devastating consequences they have on their followers and society at large. Through in-depth interviews and archival footage, this series delves into the dark psychology of cult leaders and their influence.

DirectorRobert M. Wise
CastWill Huggins, Theresa Croft, Monica Saviolakis, Alex Aitchison, Brandon Swofford, Mark A. Gonzalez, Danny Wallace, Jr., Rick Alan Ross, Staci Hartzler
GenreCrime, Documentary
Imdb Ratings7.4/10

Final Appeal

Follow the compelling stories of individuals who have been wrongfully convicted and are fighting for their freedom. With the help of legal experts, these cases are reexamined in the pursuit of justice.

DirectorJimmy Isenberg
CastBrian Banks, Loni Coombs, Mike Cavalluzzi, Kris Mohandie, Joe Berlinger, Maya VanderSchuit, Paige Vallis
GenreCrime, Documentary
Imdb Ratings7.4/10

Killer Couples

Love can sometimes lead to the darkest of crimes. This series focuses on couples who become entangled in murder and mayhem, exploring the dynamic between the killers and the crimes they commit.

DirectorTim Conrad
CastNicole Blackman, Crystal Box, Craig Bowe, Owen Burke, Brian Edward Keith, Ashlee Lauren, Bill Graves, Leonard Hill, Michael Paulin, Peter Riga, Cody Robinson
GenreCrime, Drama
Imdb Ratings7/10

License to Kill

Discover the stories of medical professionals who go against their oath and use their skills to harm rather than heal. Through chilling firsthand accounts, this series unravels the motivations behind these dangerous doctors.

DirectorJoss Crowley, Eugene Lehnert
CastTerry Dubrow, John Chlarson, Mary R. Andrews, Daniel Bender, Hannah Bilton, Cynthia Carver, Grant G. Carlson, Lindsay Chamberlain, Hunter Church
GenreCrime, Documentary
Imdb Ratings7.1/10

The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers

Investigate the mysterious disappearance of Crystal Rogers, a young mother who vanished without a trace. Through interviews and extensive research, this true crime series sheds light on the events surrounding her case.

DirectorGregory Palmer
CastWilliam Ballard, Crystal Rogers, Brooke Ballard, Sherry Ballard, DeWayne Shipp, Jason Ellis, Tommy Ballard, Mike Ballard
GenreCrime, Documentary
Imdb Ratings7.8/10

The Disappearance of Maura Murray

Unravel the puzzling case of Maura Murray, a nursing student who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. This series follows the ongoing investigation and the tireless efforts to find out what happened to her.

DirectorTim Duffy
CastArt Roderick, Maggie Freleng, Tim Pilleri, Lance Reenstierna, John Monaghan, Erinn Larkin, Fred Murray, Maura Murray, Julie Murray, Helena Murray
GenreCrime, Documentary
Imdb Ratings7.2/10

The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes

Join renowned cold case investigator Paul Holes as he utilizes DNA evidence to crack unsolved murder cases. Through cutting-edge technology and his expertise, Holes sheds new light on decades-old mysteries.

DirectorJon Karroll
CastPaul Holes
GenreCrime, Documentary
Imdb Ratings7.6/10

Wrapping It Up

These captivating Oxygen TV shows provide a riveting glimpse into the world of true crime, mystery, and suspense. With their intriguing narratives and expert storytelling, they continue to engage audiences around the globe.

Whether you’re fascinated by criminal investigations or the psychology behind heinous acts, Oxygen offers a diverse range of shows that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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