15 Best Oxygen TV Shows In Canada

Oxygen TV in Canada has become synonymous with riveting and captivating television content, offering viewers a wide range of thrilling shows that keep them hooked from start to finish.

From true crime documentaries to chilling mysteries and thought-provoking reality series, Oxygen TV delivers an immersive viewing experience. In this article, we present the 15 best TV shows on Oxygen TV in Canada that have left audiences enthralled.

From heart-pounding investigations to shocking revelations, these shows are a must-watch for any fan of gripping television.

List of Best Tv Shows On Oxygen Tv in Canada

TV ShowGenreIMDb Rating
Bad Girls ClubReality4.7/10
In Ice Cold BloodTrue Crime7.5/10
Homicide for the HolidaysTrue Crime6.8/10
Mark of a KillerTrue Crime7.6/10
A Wedding and a MurderTrue Crime6.4/10
A Lie to Die ForTrue Crime7.4/10
Injustice With Nancy GraceTrue Crime7.5/10
The DNA of Murder with Paul HolesTrue Crime7.7/10
Alex Murdaugh: Death. Deception. Power.True Crime7.1/10
911 Crisis CenterReality6.5/10
An Unexpected KillerTrue Crime7.6/10
Killer AffairTrue Crime5.6/10
Catching a Serial Killer: Bruce McArthurDocumentary7.8/10
Sunday Night Sex ShowTalk Show, Reality7.1/10

Bad Girls Club

Synopsis: “Bad Girls Club” invites viewers into the world of fierce and feisty women as they navigate relationships, rivalries, and personal growth. This reality series follows a group of rebellious women living together, offering an unfiltered look at their drama-filled lives and the challenges they face.

In Ice Cold Blood

Synopsis: Hosted by Ice-T, “In Ice Cold Blood” delves into chilling murder cases, exploring the heinous crimes committed by cold-blooded killers. This true crime series combines in-depth storytelling and interviews to shed light on the motives, investigations, and shocking details of each case.


Synopsis: “Bliss” is a provocative and suspenseful drama series that delves into the complex lives of individuals facing moral dilemmas. Exploring themes of love, desire, and the consequences of one’s choices, the show offers a gripping narrative that keeps viewers captivated.

Homicide for the Holidays

Synopsis: “Homicide for the Holidays” examines the dark side of the holiday season, unraveling shocking crimes committed during what should be a time of joy and celebration. This true crime series delves into chilling cases, showcasing the detectives’ relentless pursuit of justice.

Mark of a Killer

Synopsis: “Mark of a Killer” takes viewers on a chilling exploration of the minds of serial killers. Through interviews, reconstructions, and expert analysis, this true crime series delves into the motives and methods of infamous murderers, providing a deeper understanding of their twisted psyche.

A Wedding and a Murder

Synopsis: “A Wedding and a Murder” unravels the dark and deadly secrets that lurk beneath seemingly joyous occasions. This true crime series examines cases where weddings turn into crime scenes, exploring the motivations and unraveling the shocking truth behind the murders.

A Lie to Die For

Synopsis: In “A Lie to Die For,” twisted lies and deception lead to deadly consequences. This true crime series exposes the web of deceit that individuals spin, unraveling the truth and revealing the tragic outcomes of their lies.

Injustice With Nancy Grace

Synopsis: Nancy Grace, a renowned legal commentator, hosts “Injustice With Nancy Grace,” a show that sheds light on cases where justice has been denied. Through interviews, analysis, and compelling storytelling, Grace brings attention to wrongful convictions and the flaws within the criminal justice system.

The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes

Synopsis: Paul Holes, a seasoned investigator, delves into unsolved murder cases in “The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes.” Using cutting-edge forensic techniques, DNA evidence, and investigative expertise, Holes aims to bring closure to these cold cases and provide justice for the victims and their families.

Alex Murdaugh: Death. Deception. Power.

“Alex Murdaugh: Death. Deception. Power.” follows the gripping true story of a prominent South Carolina lawyer whose life takes a dark turn following a series of tragedies and startling revelations. This true crime series uncovers a web of deceit, power, and mystery.

911 Crisis Center

Synopsis: “911 Crisis Center” offers an inside look into the high-pressure world of emergency call centers. This gripping reality series showcases the real-life heroes who respond to distress calls, highlighting their dedication, bravery, and unwavering commitment to saving lives.

An Unexpected Killer

Synopsis: “An Unexpected Killer” examines murder cases where the perpetrator is someone close to the victim, challenging the conventional image of a killer. This true crime series unravels the twisted motives and shocking betrayals that lead to unexpected acts of violence.

Killer Affair

Synopsis: “Killer Affair” explores the dark and dangerous world of extramarital affairs that turn deadly. This true crime series delves into cases where illicit relationships spiral out of control, resulting in tragic consequences and shocking crimes.

Catching a Serial Killer: Bruce McArthur

Synopsis: “Catching a Serial Killer: Bruce McArthur” focuses on the notorious case of serial killer Bruce McArthur, who terrorized the LGBTQ+ community in Toronto. This gripping documentary chronicles the investigation, the search for justice, and the impact of McArthur’s heinous crimes.

Sunday Night Sex Show

Synopsis: Hosted by renowned sex therapist Sue Johanson, “Sunday Night Sex Show” provides frank and informative discussions about sex and relationships. With a mix of education, humor, and real-life stories, the show tackles taboo topics, dispels myths, and offers guidance on sexual well-being.


These 15 best TV shows on Oxygen TV in Canada offer a thrilling and diverse range of content that caters to the tastes of true crime enthusiasts, drama lovers, and fans of thought-provoking documentaries.

From gripping murder mysteries and shocking revelations to immersive reality shows and enlightening discussions, Oxygen TV delivers captivating television that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

So, grab your remote, settle in, and prepare to embark on a thrilling journey with these must-watch shows on Oxygen TV in Canada. Happy viewing!


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