Best true crime shows on Hulu

After a tedious day at work or school, there’s nothing more satisfying than returning home to a comforting meal, a refreshing beverage, and an engrossing true crime documentary. We all understand the unparalleled thrill of witnessing justice served to pathological liars and fearless psychopaths for their heinous crimes.

The amalgamation of intrigue and exhilaration that accompanies watching law enforcement agents meticulously piece together evidence to apprehend the perpetrator is unmatched.

For all the aficionados of crime shows who happen to be Hulu subscribers, we’ve compiled a list of the finest true crime shows to enhance your Hulu experience.

  1. The Murder of Laci Peterson (2017)
  2. Cold Case Files (2017)
  3. The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All (2017)
  4. Untouchable (2019)
  5. Fyre Fraud (2019)
  6. Missing 411: The Hunted (2019)
  7. The Most Dangerous Animal of All (2020)
  8. A Wilderness of Error (2020)
  9. Dead Asleep (2021)
  10. Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story (2022)

The Murder of Laci Peterson (2017)

This show is the chilling story of Laci Peterson, 27-year-old, who vanished on Christmas Eve of 2002 in Modesto, California. She is 8 months pregnant at the hour of her vanishing. Her search goes on for almost four months until the husband’s exterior begins to fall apart and he started to show his true self unknowingly.

This is a reality TV show where an investigation is conducted in the open for all to watch. Everything shown and said in it is the absolute reality and bone chilling.

IMDb RatingSeasonsEpisode CountAverage RuntimeMain Cast
7.4/101645 minutesTed Rowlands, Gloria Gomez, Nancy Grace, Jon Buehler, Susan Peterson

Cold Case Files (2017 – Present)

This TV Series, expertly narrated by Danny Glover, investigates cold cases from the second the victim is killed till the murderer is caught.

IMDb RatingSeasonsEpisode CountAverage RuntimeMain Cast
7.9/1034343 minutesBill Kurtis, Danny Glover, Laurent Andruet, Bradford Eckhart

The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All (2017)

Another best true crime shows on Hulu The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All (2017). At the point when the Menendez siblings were taken a stab at public television for ruthlessly killing their folks in Beverly Slopes, their story turned into a public fixation.

Presently, the main version of this treasury series digs into the players, the wrongdoing, and the media carnival, enumerating the everyday skirmishes of the preliminary and uncovering the stunning reality of what truly went down when the cameras quit rolling.

IMDb RatingSeasonsEpisode CountAverage RuntimeMain Cast
7.4/101540 minutesLyle Menendez, Erik Menendez

Untouchable (2019)

Investigating quite possibly the most media instances of the mid-21st Century that made an upset all over the planet popular: Harvey Weinstein. Brought up in New York City during the 50s and 60s years, Harvey and his sibling Sway were fit to make a little organization named Miramax, which at last was transforming during the 80s and 90s into one of the most significant and multi-granted film organizations of the late twentieth 100 years.

However, behind the cash, charm, high society parties, and the honors function was covered up a startling reality obscure to everybody with the exception of those to sadly lived it:

a man of progress with a clouded side that for certain many years constrained and mishandled around 100 ladies, in a realm of quietness and frightfulness that appeared have no closure.

Utilizing declarations and meetings with his casualties, Weinstein’s previous associates, and a broad work of documentation, Distant inspects not just the worldwide effect of the before well-known and after scandalous Hollywood’s magnate yet the way that it accidentally did to rise the world development for correspondence.

IMDb RatingRelease DateRuntimeMain Cast
6.7/10September 2, 20191 hour 38 minutesHarvey Weinstein, Benjamin Barfman, Hope Exiner D’Amore

Fyre Fraud (2019)

A music festival fully booked and packed with high-profile people turns into a disaster. The reason behind this is the not-so-honorable intention of Billy McFarland who planned to pocket as much money as he can by sell scamming people with this so-called music festival.

IMDb RatingRelease DateRuntimeMain Cast
6.8/10January 14, 20191 hour 36 minutesBilly McFarland, Jack Horowitz, Polly Mosendz, Calvin Wells

Missing 411: The Hunted (2019)

Expert hunters have been vanishing from North American forests for many years without leaving a shred of trace behind.

The number has spiked recently so former police investigator David Paulides presents the unpleasant genuine accounts of trackers encountering the unexplainable.

These cases are the most troublesome, oppose the presence of the mind, challenge the standard way of thinking, and stay unexplained.

IMDb RatingRelease DateRuntimeMain Cast
7.0/10June 25, 20191 hour 37 minutesDavid Paulides, Beverly Messick, Rob Messick

The Most Dangerous Animal of All (2020)

Gary L. Stewart’s world is turned upside-down when he decided to look for his biological father – a dangerous decision prompted by his biological mother’s reaching out. Stewart soon finds uncovers his father’s disturbing identity.

IMDb RatingSeasonsEpisode CountAverage RuntimeMain Cast
6.3/101445 minutesGary L. Stewart, Jude Gilford, Katelyn Kapocsi, Kyle DeCamp

A Wilderness of Error (2020)

Analyzes the proof of the case against MacDonald, who was sentenced in 1979 for killing his pregnant spouse and his daughters. A Green Beret doctor, MacDonald guaranteed that the homicides were committed by drug-influenced hippies.

IMDb RatingSeasonsEpisode CountAverage RuntimeMain Cast
6.5/101548 minutesJohn Morgan, Roger Hervas, Catherine Dawson, Chris Cartusciello, Gina Mazzara, Clay Boulware

Dead Asleep (2021)

One of the best true crime shows on Hulu is Dead Asleep. Sleepwalking – no big deal, but not in this case. This story is about a man, Randy Herman Jr., convicted of a murder that he claims he committed in 2017 while he was sleepwalking.

IMDb RatingRelease DateRuntimeMain Cast
5.7/10December 16, 20211 hour 26 minutesPoppy Dixon, Marisa Clifford, Nelesh Dhand

Captive Audience (2022)

This documentary follows the story of two brothers who are complete opposite of each other. They are so different that one brother is a hero and the other – a villain.

IMDb RatingSeasonsEpisode CountAverage RuntimeMain Cast
6.8/101350 minutesTodd Eric Andrews, Ashley Stayner, Kay Stayner

Wrapping up

As we conclude, I must caution those who are easily affected and prone to overthinking that while these documentaries are compelling and captivating, they have the potential to evoke strong emotions and disturb your peace of mind.

Therefore, proceed with caution and be aware of the potential impact they may have on you. Furthermore, these true crime stories serve as a reminder to remain vigilant and take action if you witness any suspicious activity.

You never know, you might find yourself facing a similar situation sooner than you think. Stay informed and stay safe.


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