Best Movies to Watch On Channel 5

Are you a proud Channel 5 subscriber but feel overwhelmed with its endless options and unsure of what to watch next? Well, fret no more! We’re here to help you navigate through the vast sea of entertainment and discover the hidden gems that await your eager eyes.

The service boasts a treasure trove of best movies and shows, from thrilling adventures to heartwarming tales. So, without wasting time, let’s look at some of the best movies on Channel 5!

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is a thrilling science fiction film set in the 23rd century. The story revolves around Korben Dallas, a former military major who becomes embroiled in a cosmic mission to save the Earth from imminent destruction. According to ancient prophecies, every 5,000 years, a great evil threatens the universe. The only hope for its survival lies in the hands of the Fifth Element – a mysterious being who possesses the key to ultimate power.

The film introduces Leeloo, the embodiment of the Fifth Element, who crash-lands on Earth. Korben Dallas discovers her, and together they embark on an action-packed journey to retrieve the four elemental stones that, combined with the Fifth Element, can stop the encroaching evil. They race against time, encountering various allies and enemies, including the quirky radio host Ruby Rhod and the villainous Zorg.

GenreScience Fiction, Action, Adventure
DirectorLuc Besson
IMDb Rating7.6/10

Nanny Killer

Standing among the best movies on Channel 5, this one revolves around the character of Kate, a dedicated student facing financial struggles while trying to pay for her tuition fees. Determined to improve her situation, she actively searches for a good job.

Kate’s perseverance pays off when she secures a babysitting position for a group of children. The job at a winery offers a generous salary, making it an enticing opportunity for her.

However, as Kate settles into her new role, she begins to notice peculiar and unsettling behavior from the children she is responsible for. The atmosphere turns dark, and she becomes increasingly aware that something mysterious and potentially dangerous is happening.

GenreThriller, Suspense
DirectorJeff Hare
IMDb Rating5.4/10

Psycho Prom Queen

Psycho Prom Queen (aka Mean Queen and New Teacher New Nightmare) features Julie Taylor, who finds herself stepping into a challenging role after the tragic loss of a fellow teacher whose death is suspected to be a suicide. With the opportunity to take over the senior math class for the remaining weeks of the school year, Julie sees it as a chance for a fresh start for herself and her teenage daughter, Miya. It has been a tough year for both of them, and this new beginning brings a glimmer of hope.

While Julie hopes that the transition won’t be too difficult for Miya, who will now be known as the new kid and also the daughter of the new teacher, her concerns start to grow when she discovers that Miya has formed a close bond with Amy Turner, the school’s notorious mean queen. Julie’s maternal instincts kick in, and she becomes increasingly worried about Amy’s influence on her daughter.

GenreDrama, Mystery, Thriller
DirectorPhilippe Gagnon
IMDb Rating4.8/10

Secret Lives of Housewives

This gripping tale delves into the aftermath of a marital affair and the unexpected consequences that unfold. Kendra is a married woman irresistibly drawn to a charming and considerably younger man named Bo.

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As their connection intensifies, Kendra and Bo become flirtatious, giving in to their mutual attraction. However, their budding romance turns dark when Bo is tragically found dead after just a few days. Kendra is left shattered and grappling with overwhelming grief.

Amid her anguish, Kendra’s mind becomes clouded with doubt, and she begins to question her husband’s involvement in Bo’s untimely demise. The once passionate affair becomes entangled in suspicion and uncertainty, leading Kendra on a treacherous path of uncovering the truth. This enthralling plot makes it one of the best movies on Channel 5!

GenreThriller, Suspense, Drama
DirectorDave Thomas
IMDb Rating5.5/10

Picture Perfect Mysteries: Newly Wed and Dead

Allie Adams is a talented wedding photographer hailing from a quaint New England town. Allie’s passion for her craft is unwavering as she strives to capture the perfect moments on couples’ special days. However, her life takes a shocking turn when a murder occurs during one of the weddings she is assigned to photograph.

Tragedy strikes when the groom is shot and killed, sending shockwaves through the wedding party and leaving Allie in disbelief. Complicating matters further, her own brother, the bride’s ex-boyfriend, becomes the prime suspect in this heinous crime. Faced with the possibility of her brother’s wrongful conviction, Allie is driven to take matters into her own hands.

GenreSuspense, Drama
DirectorRon Oliver
IMDb Rating6.4/10

Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story

In a chilling and harrowing tale, 17-year-old Ashley Reeves becomes the victim of a brutal attack that leaves her stranded and fighting for her life. Alone and gravely wounded, she endures a nightmarish ordeal as she lies paralyzed and helpless in the cold, unforgiving depths of the woods.

For an excruciating 30 hours, Ashley clings to life. But the police find her paralyzed, deeply wounded, but alive. Now, Reeves must regain her ability to walk and communicate, all while grappling with the haunting question of who orchestrated the attempt on her life.

DirectorGloria Kim
IMDb Rating6.1/10

Dangerous Love

Dangerous Love (aka The Wrong Blind Date) follows Laura after her recent divorce. The break-up leaves her lonely while her husband appears to be moving on. In search of companionship, she begins exploring online dating and swipes through various profiles, but none catches her interest.

Just as Laura starts to lose hope, a message from a mysterious stranger captures her attention. Intrigued, she engages in conversation, unaware of the doubts that linger in her daughter’s mind.

Driven by concern, Laura’s daughter is determined to uncover the truth about this enigmatic man. As the movie unfolds, the suspense builds, leading to a thrilling climax.

GenreMystery, Thriller
DirectorDavid DeCoteau
IMDb Rating5/10

My Killer Nanny

Reluctantly accepting a job as a nanny, a young woman is entangled in a perilous situation. Employed by a renowned businessman, she soon becomes the target of his unwanted advances. Despite her clear rejection, his infatuation turns sinister, leading to a dangerous and life-threatening situation that forces her to fight for survival.

GenreMystery, Thriller
DirectorGigi Gaston
IMDb Rating4.6/10

Tempting Fate

In the midst of a turbulent phase in their marriage, a couple is caught in a web of emotional entanglement. Gabby, drawn to her business partner named Matt, begins to experience a growing attraction that deepens their connection beyond professional boundaries.

As they engage in daily business discussions, Gabby relishes the attention and gradually neglects the effort required to nurture her own marriage. The emotional affair intensifies, casting a shadow over their lives and setting into motion a chain of unforeseen events that will alter the couple’s trajectory forever.

GenreDrama, Romance
DirectorManu Boyer, Kim Raver
IMDb Rating5.5/10

Line of Duty

In a heart-pounding race against time, the daughter of the Police chief, a mere 11 years old, is abducted, sending shockwaves through the community. Now, the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of Frank Penny, a dedicated cop determined to rescue her before it’s too late.

Frank teams up with Ava Brooks. She’s a tenacious news channel reporter, who becomes his ally in the mission to save the young girl. Ava live streams every step of Frank’s daring pursuit in a unique twist, ensuring the entire city remains aware of the unfolding case.

GenreAction, Thriller
DirectorSteven C. Miller
IMDb Rating5.3/10

You can also watch Harvest on the Farm if you are into farming and village life. In case Channel 5 stops working, read online and fix it on your own. It’s very easy.


And that brings us to the end of our list of the best movies on Channel 5. We hope you’ve discovered many cinematic wonders to add to your must-watch list. No matter what you pick, each of these films will transport you to new worlds, evoke a range of emotions, and leave a lasting impression.

So, whether you’re in the mood for an adrenaline rush, a good laugh, or a heartfelt story, the best movies on Channel 5 have you covered. Take advantage of your subscription and our guide to experience the magic of these tales!

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