Best Movies On Channel 5 to Watch in Australia

Are you a Bonzer Channel 5 subscriber? but find yourself a bit stumped when it comes to choosing your next binge-worthy watch. No worries! We’re here to lend you a hand and steer you through the ripper selection of entertainment, so you can uncover the best movies on Channel 5 and best shows to watch in Australia on Channel 5 if you are a series lover! , it will have you glued to the telly. This ace service is chock-a-block with top-notch movies and shows on Channel 5, ranging from nail-biting adventures to heartwarming yarns. So, let’s crack on, shall we? It’s time to check out some of the Channel 5 best movies!

What makes these Channel 5 Movies the best?

No worries, mate! These flicks ain’t just thrown in willy-nilly, we’ve handpicked ’em using IMDb’s top-notch data to bring you the cream of the crop on Channel 5. IMDb, it’s a ripper for movie buffs like us. It keeps tabs on what folks reckon, the reviews, and how much buzz a movie stirs up. When you spot a film on this list, you can bet your boots it’s made a fair dinkum impression on movie-loving mates, and that’s why it’s worth a gander. So, enough yakkin’, let’s jump right in, shall we?

1. The Fifth Element (1997)

IMDb Rating7.7/10
Cast Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman
Where Else To Watch “The Fifth Element” in AustraliaAmazon, Apple TV

G’day mate, let’s talk about a movie that’s as futuristic as a kangaroo on a rocket! “The Fifth Element” is an absolute ripper of a film, starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich in the lead. It’s set in a world that’s as crazy as a platypus with a didgeridoo, and you’ll be as happy as a koala with a eucalyptus leaf watching this odd couple’s wild adventure to save the world. It’s a real crack-up, this one! With its quirky characters and out-of-this-world future, it’s a movie that’ll have you laughing your socks off and make you feel like you’ve taken a wild ride through the Milky Way.


2. The Three Musketeers(1973)

IMDb Rating7.1/10
Cast Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Richard Chamberlain
Where Else To Watch “The Three Musketeersin AustraliaAmazon, Apple TV

We’ll wrap it up with a classic, shall we? “The Three Musketeers” is a swashbuckling adventure that’ll transport you to 17th-century France faster than you can say “pip, pip, cheerio.” Join D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers as they defend the queen’s honor in a tale of sword fights, intrigue, and camaraderie. It’s a proper old-school romp, fit for a king or queen. “The Three Musketeers” is like a time machine that takes you back to an era of chivalry, duels, and daring escapades, where honor and loyalty reign supreme.

The Three Musketeers
(Courtesy by Chanel5)

3. The Holiday (2006)

IMDb Rating 6.9/10
Cast Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law
Where Else To Watch “The Holiday” Element in AustraliaFetch, Stan, Apple TV

If you’re after a bit of romance and laughter, “The Holiday” is your cup of tea. Picture this: two lasses, one from sunny California and the other from the charming English countryside, swap homes for the holidays. Cue heartwarming moments, unexpected encounters, and a sprinkle of British charm. You’ll be grinning like a Cheshire cat as love blooms on both sides of the pond. “The Holiday” is like a warm hug from a friend, reminding you that love can be found in the most unexpected places, even across the Atlantic.

The Holiday
(Courtesy by Channel 5)

4. Newlywed Dead Picture Perfect Mysteries (2019)

IMDb Rating 6.8/10
Cast Alexa PenaVega, Carlos PenaVega, Erik Estrada
Where Else To Watch “Newlywed Dead Picture Perfect Mysteries” in AustraliaApple TV

Up for a brain-teaser? Well, check this out! In this mystery story, you’ll follow the journey of a wedding photographer who gets tangled up in a real tricky puzzle. It’s like mixing Sherlock Holmes with a soap opera, and what you get is an exciting adventure full of love, crime, and lots of tension. Just when you believe you’ve solved it, another surprise pops up. It’s a real edge-of-your-seat kind of story! With every part of the story, you’ll get more and more hooked into the mystery, trying to beat the detective in a classic guessing game of who did it.

Newlywed Dead Picture Perfect Mysteries
(Courtesy by Channel5)

5. Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story (2021)

IMDb Rating6.5/10
Cast Anwen O’Driscoll, Jenny Slate, David Cubitt
Where Else To Watch “Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Storyin AustraliaApple TV

Hold onto your hats, everyone, because this one’s a real ripper. “Left For Dead” brings you the true-blue story of Ashley Reeves, a gutsy sheila who won’t let some no-good bloke break her spirit. In this hard-hitting movie, you’ll be on the edge of your seat, barracking for Ashley as she stands up for herself and battles hard for what’s right. It’s the sort of yarn that’ll make you proud to be Aussie – where bravery and grit take center stage! Get ready to be inspired by this tale of a fighter who doesn’t back down.

Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story
(Courtesy by Channel 5)

6. The Kid (2000)

IMDb Rating6.1/10
Cast Bruce Willis, Spencer Breslin, Emily Mortimer
Where Else To Watch “The Kidin AustraliaDisney Plus, Apple TV, Amazon

Oi, you won’t believe your peepers with this one. Bruce Willis plays a bloke who claims to be a young lad’s future self – talk about a head-scratcher! “The Kid” is a heartwarming tale of second chances, where choices matter more than you’d think. It’s got that warm and fuzzy feeling of a Sunday roast with all the trimmings. So, sit back, relax, and let this film tug at your heartstrings. “The Kid” is like a warm blanket on a rainy day, a story that reminds you that even the toughest of blokes can have a soft spot for the right cause.

The Kid
(Courtesy by Channel 5)

7. Tempting Fate (2019)

IMDb Rating6.1/10
Cast Alyssa Milano, Steve Kazee, Zane Holtz
Where Else To Watch “Tempting Fatein AustraliaFoxtel, Apple TV

Get ready for a classic dose of Aussie drama, folks. “Testing Destiny” delves into the messy world of love, cheating, and the fallout from our decisions. It’s like peeking into your own backyard and seeing all the drama unfold. You’ll be nodding along, thinking, “I’ve been there!” – a story as old as the billabong. With every surprise and twist, “Testing Destiny” goes deep into our thoughts, making you wonder what you’d do if you were in the same spot and leaving you with a lot to think about.

Tempting Fate
((Courtesy by Channel5))

8. In The Line Of Duty (2019)

IMDb Rating6.0/10
Cast Eckhart, Courtney Eaton, Ben McKenzie
Where Else To Watch “In The Line Of Duty” in AustraliaNetflix, Apple TV, Amazon

Get ready for a thrilling adventure, folks, because this one’s a real heart-pounding ride. Follow a brave cop as he takes on a bunch of shady criminals. It’s packed with action, suspense, and as Aussie as a meat pie. The tension is so intense, you could slice it with a boomerang. Will our hero save the day? You’ll need to tune in and find out! “On The Frontline” is like a wild pursuit through the streets, with every surprise and turn keeping you right at the edge of your seat and your heart racing.

Line Of Duty
(Courtesy by Channel 5)

9. Secret Lives Of Housewives (2022)

IMDb Rating5.9/10
Cast Garth, James Denton, Michelle
Where Else To Watch “Secret Lives Of Housewivesin AustraliaFoxtel, Apple TV

Now, this film’s got more twists and turns than a country road. It’s all about suburban secrets, the kind you’d find down your local. Picture this: four housewives, each with their own cup of woes, suddenly finding their lives colliding in the most unexpected ways. It’s like a soap opera on steroids, full of drama, deceit, and juicy gossip that’ll have you gasping for air. Keep your eyes peeled for those jaw-dropping plot twists! “Secret Lives Of Housewives” is like peering over the garden fence into the lives of your neighbors, and boy, is it a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Secret Lives Of Housewives
(Courtesy by Channel5)

10. Underdogs (2017)

IMDb Rating5.6/10
Cast Matthew Morrison, Ariana Grande, Nicholas Hoult
Where Else To Watch “Underdogsin Australiatubi

“Underdogs,” released in 2017, is a heartwarming animated film that tells the story of a small-town boy named Jake, voiced by Matthew Morrison, who discovers a passion for table soccer. This endearing movie takes us on a journey as Jake’s table soccer figures come to life to help him win a high-stakes match against the town’s formidable football player and bully, Ace, voiced by Nicholas Hoult. With a mix of humor, adventure, and a strong message of teamwork and determination, “Underdogs” captivates audiences of all ages. It’s a tale of ordinary individuals coming together to achieve extraordinary things, making it a delightful family-friendly choice for an entertaining movie night.

(Courtesy by Channel 5)

Further Recommendations!

Mate, if you’re up for a fair dinkum exploration of a massive genre library, here are a few more ripper picks to throw on your list!

Nanny Killer (2018)

CastMorgan Obenreder, Danielle Bisutti, Tucker Meek
IMDb Rating5.4/10

Psycho Prom Queen (2018)

CastZoe McLellan, Allie MacDonald, Nia Roam
IMDb Rating4.8/10

The Wrong Blind Date (2022)

CastVivica A. Fox, Meredith Thomas, Matthew Pohlkamp
IMDb Rating5/10

The Nanny Murders (2020)

CastAnaSofia Bianchi, Fayelyn Bilodeau, Elena Campbell-Martinez
IMDb Rating4.6/10

Final Words!

That concludes our list of the best movies on Channel 5. We hope you’ve found some fantastic films to add to your must-watch list. Each of these movies will take you on a journey, evoke different emotions, and leave a lasting impact. Whether you’re seeking excitement, laughter, or heartfelt stories, Channel 5’s best movies have something for everyone. Make the most of your subscription and our guide to discover the enchantment of these stories!

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