How to Watch ‘Secrets Of The Jurassic Dinosaurs’ from Anywhere

Are you curious to know what the Earth was like in the times of dinosaurs or animals that got extinct? The BBC has devised the great idea of taking us on the journey of wildlife, especially dinosaurs. The best part is that we will accompany biologist Liz Bonnin on the exploration journey at Prehistoric Wyoming in the USA.

Prepare to embark on a knowledge, adventure, and mystery journey. Liz, along with the team of paleontologists, will introduce us to the fossils and uncover the dinosaur graveyard. So, with a further due, let’s dive into the sea of information about the Secrets of the Jurrasic Dinosaur.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Secrets Of The Jurassic Dinosaurs from anywhere

Follow these simple steps to watch Secrets Of The Jurassic Dinosaurs

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to BBC Two

  5. Watch Secrets Of The Jurassic Dinosaurs on BBC Two

What is the release date of Secrets Of The Jurrasic Dinosaurs?

Secrets Of The Jurrasic Dinosaur was released in two parts. The first episode debuted on February 19, 2023, followed by a second, which dropped on February 26, 2023.

Where to watch Secrets Of The Jurrasic Dinosaur online?

Secrets Of The Jurrasic Dinosaur is an original creation of BBC Two. BBC never fails to create such pieces of information and now has come up with this fantastic idea to expand our knowledge.

What is Secrets Of The Jurrasic Dinosaurs about?

Secrets of the Jurrasic Dinosaur is a documentary featuring Liz, a biologist, and an elite team of paleontologists. The documentary will revolve around the fossils of dinosaurs and will give insights into how their lives were. And what were the reasons behind their extinction?
BBC documentary is solely for the ones curious about life on Earth before humanity. In addition, This journey will shed light on all the questions we have in mind.

secrets of the Jurassic Disnsaurs

What is the plot of Secrets Of The Jurrasic Dinosaurs?

The secrets of the Jurrasic Dinosaur will shed light on the fifth mass extinction with the help of Liz Bonnin, scientists from the Netherlands’ Biodiversity Centre, The Children’s Museum from Indianapolis, and London’s Natural History museum. I must say this team is a great combination. The team will take us to the location known as Jurrasic mile, which has been hiding secrets for millions of years.

The site is enriched with thousands of fossils containing dinosaurs, plants, marine reptiles, and non-dinosaurs. They will dig into the secret of what they used to consume, how they function, and what environment they lived in. The show will grasp our interest, and Bonnin will make it more fun by presenting and chanting whenever she achieves something.

What’s the cast of Secrets Of The Jurassic Dinosaurs?

Secrets Of The Jurassic Dinosaurs will feature Liz Bonnin, a French scientist and wildlife presenter. Her extraordinary presenting skills make her unique and help her keep the audience engaged. Many international scientists and crew also accompanied her.

What are the reviews of Secrets Of The Jurassic Dinosaurs?

According to the Telegraph, “I’m sure that, if you’re at the scene, the sight of dinosaur footprints would be mind-blowing.”

What are some reactions and comments about Secrets Of The Jurassic Dinosaurs?

Episodes of Secrets of The Jurassic Dinosaurs

The documentary will be based on two episodes.

Episode 1: Release date: Feb 19, 2023

Liz Bonnin and an elite team enter Wyoming to investigate fossils at the mysterious Dinosaur Graveyard. The team unearths the fossils of predators like fearsome Allosaurus and Diplodocus. The mystery of 150 million ago will be solved by getting astonishing pieces of evidence to answer all the queries. Furthermore, they discovered a plant fossil that still grows nearby.

Episode 2: Release date: Feb 19, 2023

In the desolate badlands of Wyoming, Liz Bonnin is part of a group of paleontologists from different countries examining an enigmatic dinosaur graveyard. The area contains numerous fossils, including more than a dozen skeletons of the aggressive Allosaurus, a precursor to the T-rex. The site is a valuable source of Jurassic remains.

This time, the team is attempting to determine whether the most savage predator of the Jurassic era was responsible for the demise of colossal creatures like the renowned Diplodocus, which are interred at the site. Their research aims to uncover why so many dinosaurs congregated here and what caused their mass extinction 150 million years ago.

What else can I watch on BBC Two?

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Will James D. Watson accompanies Liz on this journey?

No, Liz will be the only biologist in the Secrets Of Jurassic Park documentary.

What is the run time of Episode 1?

Episode 1 will entertain us for 58 minutes.

How many lands will be covered in the documentary?

Lizz and her team will investigate the land of Wyoming, also known as Dinosaur Graveyard.


There are many documentaries on Dinosaurs. However, none of them had Liz. She is one of the reasons for all the hype. If you want to get, more knowledge about life below the Earth and before the existence of humans must catch on to the series. Don’t let regional restrictions stop you. Follow the steps mentioned above and get the best VPN and streaming service.

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