The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2: plot, story and more!

The romantic drama series The Summer I Turned Pretty is inspired by a trilogy novel with the name by Jenny Han. Season 1 was among the most-watched show on Amazon Prime. And following the success creator has announced its second season.

The series is about teenage love and struggle. This season will give you many pinch-me moments. I’ll take you on a ride where you will get to know the cast, story, release date, and everything. Get ready to have a sneak peek into a nostalgic summer romance.

Release Date of The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2

The release date is not announced yet. However, shooting was begun somewhere in the mid of July 2022 and was wrapped up in November 2022. By this, we can predict the season will be released in 2023 summers.

How many seasons of The Summer I turned Pretty will be there?

As of now, no announcement is done, but as the series is inspired by Han’s trilogy novel, we can predict that the show will entertain us with 3 seasons.

Plot of The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2

The book The Summer I Became Pretty, served as the inspiration for the first season. So, we might assume that the second season will draw inspiration from Han’s second book, It’s Not Summer Without You.

Belly and Conrad’s relationship worsens after Susannah passes away, and Cornard leaves the house out of sadness. Jeremiah and Belly will go after him; in this journey, she will develop love feelings for Jeremiah.

Although there will be adaptations, just as there were in season one, this might be the probable storyline. Han affirmed a few things in an interview with E! News.

“There’s always gonna be changes here and there, so I guess you’ll just have to wait and see,” Han exclusively told E! News Dec. 17 at the 20th Annual Asian American Awards. “I’m the one doing the changes, so I guess get mad at me, because I’m the one who’s changing it!”

E! News

Cast of The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2

The summer I turned pretty season 2

Creators have not announced anything officially. However, shooting pictures and Instagram have revealed much.

The season one featured the following artists

  • Lola Tung
  • Jackie Chung
  • Rachel Blanchard
  • Christopher Briney
  • Gravin Casalegno
  • Sean Kaufman
  • Alfredo Narciso

In season 2 we will witness the following members:

Christopher and Gavin, will continue as brothers fighting for Belly’s love. Belly’s family members will possibly return. Rachel Blanchard will be dearly missed as Susannah because her character dies while battling cancer in season 1.

On August 31, 2022, cast members have welcomed newcomers Kyra Sedwick and Elsie Fisher. Han and Sarrah will continue as directors and producers.

Taylor’s Music will bless ears again.

In addition to all the information, there are high chances that in the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty, we will be blessed to hear Taylor’s voice again. Lover and Cruel Summer was in the first season, let’s see what comes in the second.

In an interview with Time Han revealed a few things

“Her music does really match up beautifully to the themes, and she’s just an incredible storyteller in her own right,” the author says. “Over the years, people have asked me: If the show ever got made, could it please have Taylor Swift’s music on it?”


Recap of season 1

Season 1 was around 16-year-old Belly Conkin who went to Cousins Beach for a summer trip. During vacations, she finds herself in a love triangle with brothers Christopher and Jeremiah. Belly realized that she must chose between two before the vacation end.

Belly’s mother, Laurel struggles with her novel and during the struggle she met a handsome man and gets attracted to her. On the other hand, Steven Belly’s brother gets the romantic feeling towards Shayla, a wealthy woman.

Meanwhile, the boy’s mother revealed that she is suffering from breast cancer and want to participate in a cancer trial to find a cure. The story was an adaptation of the novel with some add-ons like Jeremiah being bisexual and Belly Participating in a debutante ball.


Are you excited to witness an imaginable love story with a beautiful theme, song, and location? The Summer I Turned Pretty is ready to amuse us all again with its season 2. So stay tuned and keep visiting our page to receive more information as we will update the article soon.

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