‘Yellowstone’: Kelly Reilly says Beth is a ‘challenging character’

In Yellowstone‘s highly anticipated fifth season, Kelly Reilly reprises her role as Beth Dutton.

The Dutton family is back with nonstop drama and scheming, as patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner) has become the nation’s grumpiest governor.

Reilly steals every moment she’s in as Beth in Yellowstone. The actress plays the Dutton family’s only daughter, who has done everything she has to keep her father’s ranch afloat.

While speaking to Variety, she discusses the most difficult aspect of performing her character and how tough it is to keep Beth real.


“Some of the things Taylor (Sheridan) has her doing and saying, I always have to stay tethered to, it sounds sort of glib and obvious, an internal world of truth. So I’m always keeping an eye on, ‘How do I get back to the character, despite some of the outrageous things she does?’”

She continues, “I’m protective with the writing because it’s so good, and some of it is just pure entertainment and some of it I have to also just root it to her and keep it within the realm of something that is absolutely true to how she would behave. You can tell that Taylor writes with such freedom with Beth, he doesn’t hold back, and so I’ve learned over the years of playing her now that where she really exists is in that place of just pushing it and seeing her in those moments.”


Kelly Reilly also says she doesn’t stay in character between takes and quips that her husband wouldn’t like her if she brought the role home with her.

“No, that would kill me, so I tend to leave her at the end of the day in my costume and I go home. She does definitely penetrate my psyche and I think about it a lot. It’s a challenging character and I care tremendously about hitting all those notes and making it as real and doing the best job I can.”

Yellowstone season 5 is streaming on Paramount Network.

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I believe Kelly has a challenging character due to her responsibilities to her family. But got to say hats off her for playing the character!

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