‘Workin’ Moms’ stars share their struggles juggling personal and professional life

Catherine Reitman, the actress and writer of Workin’ Moms says “When someone finally gives you the chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do, you wait for the bottom to drop out.”

Sarah McVie in a recent interview at Globe and Mail says this show is not limited to working moms or even moms in particular, in fact, it goes much beyond the boundaries that society has set. McVie says, “When we started, people often asked, ‘Do people aside from mums relate to the show?’ That’s weird. Do we ask that about Law and Order? ‘Do people enjoy the show, even if they’re not lawyers?’ But that tells you where we were coming from.”

Workin’ Moms

Then, Dani Kind discusses Catherine, who is both her co-star and the show’s director, and says it was inspiring watching the lady tackle everything so efficiently at the same time. Kind says, “Watching how Catherine ran the show, how she created, starred, produced and directed it, and somehow sustained her marriage and family, taught me so much about how to conduct yourself as a businesswoman. How to delegate, how to ask for help, how to channel your energy, how to follow through.”

Workin’ Moms

Kind also compares her two-year-old self and says she has gone through a lot and finally understands her self-worth. Kind says, “When I was 20, I was told I’d never work in TV because I didn’t have the body for it. And there I was in Season 3, in my underwear, pretending to trip on acid. We can write the future.”

Lastly, she ends by saying, “It’s not a story about a drug dealer who finally gets busted, or a detective who finds the bad guy. Working mothers just keep getting up and going to work.”

Workin’ Moms S7 is available to watch on CBC on January 3.

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