‘Wonder Woman 3’ first scriptment is completed

According to a source close to Wonder Woman 3, if Warner Bros. is to be believed, filmmaker Patty Jenkins initial draught of the sequel’s plot the script is almost finished.

It’s worth repeating that the document Warner Bros. executives are allegedly expecting is a scriptment, which is different from an actual screenplay, and that director Patty Jenkins is expected to turn in her first pass at the sequel’s story “imminently,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, which cites an unnamed source inside the studio. A scriptment, as its name implies, combines characteristics of both a script and a treatment. It includes dialogue, but the plot is given as a comprehensive overview rather than as discrete scenes.

More recently, Jenkins acknowledged that the closing sequence for Wonder Woman 3 had already been written and that it would wrap up the character’s three movie story. The third standalone Wonder Woman film may not be the series final instalment, the filmmaker also suggested. Jenkins acknowledged that there are other projects she’d like to work on, but she said that penning the final scene of Wonder Woman 3 left her curious as to where Diana Prince’s tale is going next.

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No matter how many more DC Extended Universe adventures Wonder Woman eventually has, one thing is for sure: she won’t be going anywhere with Steve Trevor. Regarding Trevor’s fate, actor Chris Pine has publicly stated that Diana’s lost love is likely lost for good. Pine remarked, “I guess poor Steve is dead, but I wish them the best on the third one.”

There is no set release date for Wonder Woman 3.

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