Succession ‘s Roys Are at War

Succession: Logan has a ‘kill list’ as he organizes his henchmen to eliminate his ‘resistance’ as season 4 begins, while the Roy brothers are still reeling from yet another failed coup attempt on their father.

Every one of your favorite Succession anti-heroes is back in action, on the prowl for vengeance or dominance in their own right. After season 3’s startling betrayal, HBO released the teaser for the fourth and final season of the drama, which provides additional context for where each Roy family member stands.

There also glimpses of what’s to come as Connor continues his embarrassing attempt at a presidential run. Logan’s oldest son continues to claim that his “steady” 1 percent of the voter base means he has potential as a candidate — though when he tells Greg a rival might squeeze his grip on that sliver of the populace, Greg asks innocently, “Squeezed down? From one? ‘Cause, that’s the lowest number.”

Succession season 4 premieres March 26, on HBO.

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