The Last of Us Episode 7 Devastated Everyone Emotionally

The Last of Us once again, has the ability to emotionally devastate viewers while also making them feel uplifted by the great characters.

In the previous episode, Joel was left severely injured, and Ellie was worried about his survival. This episode begins with Ellie taking Joel to an abandoned house to find supplies to help him. Joel tells Ellie to leave and get help, but Ellie hesitates. 

The episode then shifts to a flashback called Left Behind, which focuses on Ellie and her friend Riley before Joel met Ellie. This was likely Ellie’s favorite night, but it quickly turns dark when Riley reveals that she has become a Firefly, which shocks Ellie. The episode features Storm Reid, who is having a great year with her appearance in The Last of Us and her performance in Missing.

The Major Gameplay

The Last of Us is known for its incredible storytelling and immersive gameplay, and one particular aspect of the game that stands out is its production design. In the game, the abandoned mall is a remarkable achievement of production design, creating an atmosphere that is so realistic that it makes it feel like an actual location.

The episode in question features Ellie and Riley exploring the mall, with Ellie being amazed by everyday things like an escalator. The youthful glee and excitement that they have for things that are taken for granted reminds viewers to appreciate the little things in life. Bella Ramsey’s performance as Ellie is noteworthy, as her portrayal brings joy to viewers and makes them feel like they are experiencing the same things as Ellie.

The Last of Us Episode 7 Has A Charm

The episode is masterfully done in terms of acting, directing, production design, and writing. Each aspect of the episode complements the others, resulting in a truly memorable experience for viewers. The direction is excellent, ensuring that the performances of the actors are captured beautifully, and the production design makes the location feel tangible and alive.

Although some viewers may be disappointed with the flashback, it provides hints and insights for people who have never played the game. It also adds depth to the story and helps viewers understand Ellie’s character better.

Overall, the abandoned mall episode in The Last of Us is a testament to the game’s impressive production design and storytelling capabilities. It is an episode that is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers, and it showcases the game’s ability to create immersive experiences that transport players to another world.

In the flashback episode of The Last of Us, Ellie has a crush on her friend Riley and tries to figure out how to express her feelings. The episode maintains Ellie’s character development from the game by showing her not interested in having a boyfriend or parents. When Riley is bitten by an infected, it is implied that Ellie may have killed her after she turned into a Zombie. The episode is smart in its implication, and even viewers who haven’t played the game can understand the emotional impact. 

Ellie thinks about it and freezes and then we enter a massive flashback which is the meat and potatoes of this whole episode and is called Left Behind which if you’ve played the DLC you probably know what this episode is going to be like. Here we get to see a little bit of what went on before Joel met Ellie and her time over the course of what was probably her favorite night ever that quickly turns dark. Riley shows up in her room in the middle of the night and declares that she’s become a firefly which is shocking to Ellie because she’s being trained to one day fight that very thing but Riley sneaks Ellie out in the middle of the night for a big surprise and takes her to an abandoned Mall which still has power and nobody goes there.

What will happen now?

As the first season of The Last of Us series approaches its end with only two episodes left, fans are left wondering how the story will wrap up. Given that the first season seems to cover the entire game, there is a lot of ground to cover in these last two episodes. It remains to be seen whether the show will end on a cliffhanger or if the producers will opt for longer episodes to wrap everything up. Despite the uncertainty, viewers continue to tune in and immerse themselves in the show’s intense and emotional world.

People are thoroughly enjoying the series and eagerly anticipate the next episode. Audiences are completely invested in the characters and their journey, and they are curious, can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.


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