Piers Morgan Claims King Charles & Kate Middleton Were The ‘Two Racist Royals’ in Endgame

Hold onto your crowns, folks, because the royal drama just hit a new level of tea-spilling. Piers Morgan, the man known for stirring the celebrity pot, dropped a bombshell on his show Piers Morgan Uncensored. He claims to have cracked the code on who the mysterious royals are in Omid Scobie’s book, Endgame, who allegedly had a ‘concern’ about Prince Archie’s skin color.

According to Piers, it’s none other than King Charles and the fabulous Kate Middleton. Now, we know what you’re thinking – drama alert! But wait, there’s more.

The Dutch version of Endgame got yanked off shelves faster than you can say “royal ruckus.” Why? Because it spilled the royal beans, or so Piers says. The book allegedly named these royal finger-pointers and created chaos in Holland. Oops, talk about a royal translation mishap!

Scobie, who seems to be juggling more drama than a Netflix series, blames it all on a language barrier. Hey, we get it, translating royal scandals isn’t as easy as ordering pizza. Piers, however, is having a field day, challenging everyone to prove any royal ever uttered a racist word. Game on!

While the Dutch edition is taking a timeout, a fixed version is promised for December 8. Maybe they’re adding a royal glossary for clarity – tiara tantrums and crown controversies explained.

As the royals play ‘he said, she said,’ we’re left eagerly awaiting the next episode of this real-life royal soap opera. Popcorn, anyone? Grab a front-row seat; the palace plot thickens!

Watch the complete segment from Piers Morgan Uncensored below

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