Paramount+ and Showtime Announce Merger

Paramount+ and Showtime are set to merge on June 27, as announced by Apple in an email sent to Showtime subscribers.

This merger means that Paramount+ subscribers will now have access to even more hit movies and shows through the integration of Showtime into the streaming service. No action is required from subscribers to enjoy the expanded benefits of this merger.

While the exact impact on Paramount+ is still unknown, the standard Paramount+ plans that do not currently include Showtime are not expected to undergo any immediate changes. The merger aims to bring together the strengths of both platforms and offer users a more comprehensive streaming experience.

In a memo from Tom Ryan, the President and CEO of Streaming at Paramount, it was revealed that Erin Calhoun has been appointed to the new role of Executive Vice President, Communications, Paramount Streaming and Cross-Company Publicity.

Erin Calhoun Showtime

In her new role, Erin Calhoun will unite the communications teams from Paramount+, Pluto TV, and SHOWTIME to form a cohesive unit dedicated to highlighting the strength of their streaming services. She will report directly to Tom Ryan, while also collaborating closely with Chris McCarthy and his team in overseeing communications for streaming platforms.

Key communications leader, Susan Lundgren, departs Paramount+ after instrumental role in its successful rebranding and growth.

The merger of the streaming platforms is expected to strengthen their presence in the competitive streaming landscape by offering a wider range of content to subscribers. With the integration set to take place, viewers can look forward to enjoying a more diverse selection of movies and shows through merged platform.

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