Outlander Showrunner Discusses Marsali & Fergus Return in Season 8

Hit Starz show Outlander enthusiasts can’t wait to see their beloved show back on air, but the absence of Fergus and Marsali Fraser, portrayed by Cesar Domboy and Lauren Lyle, has left them wondering about their fate.

These fan-favorite characters were gently written out of the storyline in season 6. The couple, who resided with Jamie and Claire Fraser as Fergus’ adoptive parents, relocated to New Bern, where Fergus pursued a career in print press.

The big question now is, will they make a comeback in future episodes? According to and interview with Digital Spy, executive producer Marli Davis gave the answer. The answer is no, at least for the second half of season 7. Both Lauren and Cesar had prior commitments that prevented their return.

Outlander Showrunner Discusses Marsali & Fergus Return in Season 8

However, hope lingers for season 8, which is expected to be the show’s final installment. Lauren Lyle, who plays Marsali, expressed her deep attachment to the show and its cast. She revealed that she and Cesar Domboy share a strong connection with their characters and the fans. She enthusiastically stated that she would “absolutely” return for season eight if given the opportunity.

Lauren has been touched by the outpouring of messages from fans expressing their longing for her return to the series. She’s grateful for the show’s success and looks forward to potentially rejoining the Outlander family.

While fans may have to wait for Marsali and Fergus’ return, they can anticipate the next installment of Outlander, season 7, part 2, set to premiere in 2024. The fate of these beloved characters remains uncertain, but their potential return in the final season adds a glimmer of hope for viewers.

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