Netflix Unveils Interactive Billboards for Extraction 2

Netflix has taken an unconventional approach to promote its blockbuster sequel Extraction 2 by creating interactive billboards in New York City and Los Angeles that make viewers feel the sweat dripping from Chris Hemsworth’s character, Tyler Rake.

The aim is to immerse audiences and make them feel part of the action-packed film. The billboards were strategically placed on the sidewalk, allowing passersby to touch and take selfies with the larger-than-life posters.

This unique marketing strategy is a first-of-its-kind innovation by Netflix. The billboards were designed with laser-cut holes on Hemsworth’s forehead to replicate pores, and a water supply behind the board was used to pump water through the holes, mimicking the consistency of sweat. Marian Lee, Netflix’s chief marketing officer, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for testing new ideas and highlighted the success of the sweaty billboards, stating, “The movie is adrenaline-packed… The sweaty billboards were great.”

Extraction 2

Lee emphasized the importance of providing interactive and photographable moments for fans, enabling them to engage with the talent and have tangible experiences. This desire for interactive features has been particularly significant in the post-COVID era, as the pandemic limited such experiences during the release of the first Extraction in April 2020. However, with the easing of restrictions, Netflix was able to create these engaging billboards to enhance audience participation.

The film became the most viewed title of the week on Netflix, garnering an estimated 42.8 million viewers within its first three days of release. Additionally, the popularity of the sequel reignited interest in the original film, which became the second-most watched movie of the same week with 9.6 million views. Encouraged by this success, Netflix has already announced that “Extraction 3” is in the works.

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