Minx Season 3 Gets Update From Creator Ellen Rapoport

Minx season 3 gets a positive update from creator Ellen Rapoport, who reveals changes in Joyce and Doug’s relationship as well as potential storyline developments.

The series debuted on Max in 2022 before shifting to Starz over a year later, and it has received critical acclaim for its tone and the performances of protagonists Ophelia Lovibond and Jake Johnson. It follows a young feminist Joyce Prigger and her odd collaboration with publisher Doug Renetti to make an erotic magazine for women in the 1970s.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rapoport offered an update on Minx Season 3. “He’s made his loyalties clear and he has made his position clear to her. Maybe if we are able to get a season 3, that is something that she would do. But I think at that moment she feels that he’s too far gone and that trying to get him to go with her, he would run and tell Constance. She makes the smart decision to not involve him. You can expect a fight. There’ll be a battle for Minx’s heart and soul for sure.”

Minx Season 3

She further said, “We have a lot of story to tell. I definitely want season 3. Does anyone say no?”

While a season 3 renewal has yet to be confirmed, it’s worth noting that Minx was previously cancelled before being rescued by Starz.

You can stream both the seasons on Starz.

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