Ex Grammy CEO – Michael Greene Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

Michael Greene is under the spotlight as serious allegations of sexual assault emerge. Terri McIntyre, former executive director, has filed a lawsuit detailing disturbing incidents that allegedly transpired nearly 30 years ago.

The lawsuit contends that Greene, who headed the Academy from 1988 to 2002, fostered a culture of abuse and actively participated in covering up egregious actions. McIntyre’s legal action not only brings her personal trauma to light but also raises concerns about a broader pattern of misconduct within the organization.

In response, the Recording Academy released a statement acknowledging the pending litigation but refrained from commenting on historical events. Emphasizing their current zero-tolerance policy against sexual misconduct, the Academy faces the challenge of reconciling its past with present commitments.

According to McIntyre’s detailed account in the lawsuit, the alleged incidents occurred during her tenure as the Los Angeles chapter executive director from 1994 to 1996. She contends that Greene subjected her to pervasive sexual harassment, assault, and battery. The lawsuit describes unsettling incidents, including one where she claims to have been drugged and woke up nude in Greene’s bed, realizing she had been violated.

Another distressing episode, as per the complaint, took place when Greene allegedly took her to his home near Malibu under false pretenses and forced her into performing oral sex. The accusations outline a disturbing pattern of abuse, with Greene purportedly leveraging his position for sexual favors, creating a hostile work environment for McIntyre and, as she asserts, other vulnerable women within the Recording Academy.

This lawsuit adds to a growing list of accusations within the music industry, following recent claims against Danny Elfman. The revelation prompts a serious examination of past practices and demands accountability from influential figures.

Michael Greene, once celebrated for transforming the Grammy Awards, now grapples not only with legal proceedings but also a potential tarnishing of his professional legacy.

As the industry confronts these serious allegations, the Recording Academy finds itself navigating a complex web of legal challenges and reputational repercussions. The gravity of these accusations raises broader questions about accountability and the need for systemic changes within the music world.

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