Margot Robbie reveals what substance was given instead of drugs on Babylon 

Margot Robbie recalled asking the director of “Babylon” to “tone down” the drug scene. Fans were shocked when Margot Robbie disclosed the chemical that was provided to the actors on the Babylon sets in place of narcotics.

In the film directed by Damien Chazelle, which is set in the 1920s and serves as a tribute to the golden age of Hollywood, Robbie was open and honest about the absurd amounts of drinking and drug use that are depicted.

The actress who plays Nellie LaRoy in Suicide Squad. Confessed to NME that she sought to suggest to Chazelle to reduce the amount of cocaine displayed on film.

“I think the only note I gave Damien obviously there’s a lot of drugs in this movie and I play a character who does tonnes of drugs,” Robbie said. “But he would have them rack up lines of coke that were just like the size of hotdogs,” she said of the scenes in which her character ingests cocaine.

“I was like, ‘Damien, she’d be dead. This is an [overdose] situation. People are going to watch this movie and know that this is ridiculous.’”

The La La Land director allegedly replied, “It’s not reading on camera,” according to Robbie.

It’s absurd, I’m like, she continued. Actually, that was the first thing a handful of pals said last night. It’s kind of crazy how much coke there was, they said.

Robbie was asked what the white powder used in the film was. “It was either vitamin B powder or icing sugar, or baby laxative. Either way, it does hurt after a while.”

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