Joel and Ellie cross a ‘river of death’

Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) from ‘The Last of Us‘ fled Kansas City three months ago, leaving a path of fire, fungus, and blood in their wake. Now that the two are lost in Wyoming’s frigid expanse, they are asking a friendly, resourceful couple for assistance in locating Tommy, Joel’s brother.

They opt to take a chance since it is skeptical. Joel almost passes out outside, his palm placed over his heart, while Ellie snatches one of the rabbits Marlon had captured. Ellie believes there may be more going on than what he is blaming on the frigid air. She adds, “If you’re dead, I’m f—-ed.” The “river of death,” however, is where they are headed.

One woman’s eyes catch a brief glimpse of familiarity when Joel says he’s looking for his brother. His name, she enquires. He informs her. He is undoubtedly in the proper location.

Joel and Ellie are taken to a gated neighborhood that is fortified with wood and steel as well as several armed guards by the masked rangers.

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