Guillermo del Toro to make one-stop motion film on Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel

Guillermo del Toro is all set to adapt Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘The Buried Giant’ into a stop-motion film after the success of Pinnochio.

In a recent interview with Telegraph, del Toro revealed that his next mission. “Animation has given us so many indelible images over the years, but in many ways the industry wants to keep it at the children’s table. So I want to keep pushing the medium into areas that demonstrate its capacity. The next stop-motion film I’m making is an adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant, which I’m currently co-writing with Dennis Kelly [the writer of Matilda: The Musical] and we start the design process in two months.”

The tale of The Buried Giant features an old British couple, Axl and Beatrice, who live in a fictitious post-Arthurian England where no one has long-term memory. After vaguely thinking that they may have had a kid years ago, the couple decides to drive to a nearby town in search of him. Axl and Beatrice’s adventure is more than just a search for their kid; it follows in the footsteps of Sir Gawain, Tennyson’s King Arthur, and Frodo.

Guillermo del Toro also said that he is filming a live-action movie for an unannounced Netflix project, which is rumored to be an adaption of Frankenstein starring Oscar Isaac. In the interim, he’s working on a look-book and hopes to begin production in roughly two years.

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