EP Melissa Bernstein Reflects: Better Call Saul Final Season

In a recent interview, executive producer Melissa Bernstein discussed the upcoming final season of Better Call Saul and reflected on the show’s remarkable journey, which began with its predecessor, “Breaking Bad.” Bernstein, who has been an integral part of both series, highlighted the unexpected challenges and profound moments that shaped the production of the sixth season.

The critically acclaimed prequel-sequel series “Better Call Saul” has captivated audiences with its intricate storytelling, centered around the transformation of Jimmy McGill into the infamous Saul Goodman. Bernstein described the show as a “well-crafted shared universe” that surpassed expectations, tracing its roots back to the “Breaking Bad” pilot shoot in 2007.

Despite facing unprecedented obstacles, including the COVID-19 pandemic and a health scare involving leading actor Bob Odenkirk, Bernstein emphasized the resilience of the production team. She recounted the intense emotions experienced when Odenkirk’s heart stopped during filming, praising the heroic efforts that saved his life.

Melissa Bernstein

Reflecting on the challenges faced during the final season, Bernstein said, “The challenges were just so unforeseen, and they were so high stakes… there’s just nothing quite that profound that I’ve experienced.” She lauded the strong camaraderie and trust among colleagues and collaborators, which allowed the team to navigate these hurdles.

The interview to THR also delved into the logistical complexities of bringing back “Breaking Bad” stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul for guest appearances. Bernstein expressed gratitude for their willingness to reprise their roles and praised their seamless transition back into the characters of Walt and Jesse.

However, the scheduling constraints posed a unique challenge, as their appearances required shooting scenes out of order, deviating from the show’s traditional storytelling approach. “It’s very much a brick-by-brick writers room; it’s index card after index card,” Bernstein explained.

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