Dwayne Johnson promises that Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate will return

Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate will make a comeback in upcoming DC Extended Universe productions, according to a recent pledge made by Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson to fans.

Despite the superhero appearing to perish in a heroic self-sacrifice during Black Adam’s conclusion, Johnson stated on Twitter that audiences hadn’t seen the last of Doctor Fate. “Dr. Fate is one of my favorites too and you will see more of him. I promise,” he tweeted. It’s currently unclear exactly where fans will see Kent Nelson and his colorful alter-ego next, as Brosnan is not officially attached to any upcoming DCEU movies or TV shows.

Despite this, it’s not difficult to envision Brosnan accepting to play the part again given how openly he expressed how much he enjoyed filming Black Adam. The former James Bond actor particularly spoke about the suit he wore as Doctor Fate and his own contribution to its creation.  “It was a very beautifully designed outfit and helmet, which I’m quite fond of,” Brosnan said. “Jaume Collet-Serra is very inclusive in the collaboration. He was wonderful in the sense that he would send me designs of the helmet, so I could participate in the look of it.”

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Evidently, Brosnan also enjoyed delving into the various facets of the Doctor Fate persona. He had previously called Kent Nelson’s employment of the Helmet of Fate “a blessing and a curse,” since the extraordinary supernatural abilities it bestows deplete the bearer of the helmet of “a lot of energy.” Brosnan even alluded to a darker side to the apparently upright Doctor Fate by comparing his character’s dependence on Helmet of Fate to a type of heroin addiction.

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