Disney’s ‘Turning Red’ faces controversies of all time

Disney Chinese-­Canadian girl movie Turning Red released on Disney+ and only played in a few countries theatres wasn’t a huge commercial success and garnered reviews from critics. However, because of its subject matter and conflicts, it has also generated a lot of unexpected criticism among viewers.

Let’s look at the reasons why the movie has generated so much controversy.

One of the greatest arguments against the film is that some people think it’s unsuitable for kids or too mature. This occurs specifically when Mei first turns into the red panda, leading her mother to believe that she has begun her period even though the phrase is never really said. Although Mei is embarrassed by her giving her pads, it portrays a mainstream perspective of first periods.

The way Mei and her other teen companions are portrayed is another facet of this. A significant portion of the Disney movie’s plot is driven by their collective obsession with the boy band 4*Town and their exploitation of Mei’s panda ability to raise money for concert tickets. Once more, audience members have complained that this is too mature or overtly sexual.

The disputes in the movie’s families are a second topic of debate. Some viewers, according to Vox, believe that the film “celebrates kids disregarding their parents.” Finally, some claim that the movie’s representation of culture and diversity is too limited for audiences to connect with.


Turning Red includes realistic depictions of puberty and adolescence as well as significant family issues that some viewers might not find appealing. But the film is nonetheless entertaining, though, because to its funny moments and endearing characters.

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