Relive Your Childhood: Best Barbie Movies On Netflix In 2023

As the excitement builds for the upcoming July 2023 debut of Greta Gerwig’s much-awaited Barbie film featuring Margot Robbie, numerous enthusiasts and devoted Barbie aficionados are on the hunt for alternative Barbie movies and series to enjoy while they eagerly await the release. We have listed down all the best Barbie Movies On Netflix that is a must watch in 2023.

Barbie fans are lucky that on Netflix there are a lot of fun, musical and entertaining Barbie movies. As Barbie 2023 was released on 21 July 2023, it creates much hype and fans want to relive their favourite childhood Barbie movie and feel nostalgia.

Where To Watch Barbie 2023?

You can watch Barbie 2023 on Prime Video and Apple TV+ as it will be available for buy or rent on these platforms. Since Barbie 2023 comes under the banner of Warner Bros it will be also available to stream on MAX.

Barbie: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure (2023)

GenreVoice ActorDirectorRelease DateProduction CompanyRun TimeIMDb Rating
Kirsten Day,
Ogie Banks,
Laila Berzins
Steve Daye16 March 2023Mattel Television1 hour7.3/10

Skipper, Barbie’s younger sibling, is highly skilled in babysitting. However, when her babysitting enterprise faces challenges, she decides to work at a water park during the summer. While there, she explores various roles alongside her new acquaintances. During a troubled birthday party at the park, Skipper’s babysitting expertise comes to the rescue, restoring the situation. This triumph revitalizes Skipper’s belief in her babysitting venture, prompting her and her newfound friends to establish a babysitting team.

Barbie: Epic Road Trip (2022)

GenreVoice ActorDirectorRelease DateProduction CompanyRun TimeIMDb Rating
Animation / Short / ComedyDino Andrade,
Greg Chun,
Channon Dade
Conrad Helten25 October 2022Mainframe Studios,
Mattel Television
36 minute 7.3/10

Barbie: Epic Road Trip follows Barbie Malibu Roberts, her sister Skipper, Ken, and Barbie’s alter ego Brooklyn Roberts on a cross-country journey to deliver puppies to their forever homes. Along the way, they face a time-sensitive challenge: returning to New York in three days for a chance to audition as backup singers for a famous artist. This twist adds urgency to their adventure, while showcasing music, dance, and heartwarming moments with the puppies. The film balances maturity with the classic Barbie values, offering audiences an engaging mix of adventure, music, friendship, and personal growth.

Barbie Mermaid Power (2022)

GenreVoice ActorDirectorRelease DateProduction CompanyRun TimeIMDb Rating
Animation / Family / FantasyJoshua Blumhagen,
Johnny Yong Bosch,
Julia Bose
Ron Myrick1 September 2022Mattel Television1h 5m5.4/10

Barbie takes on the roles of both Brooklyn Roberts and Malibu Roberts, alongside her sisters Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea, in an exciting underwater journey where they become mermaids on a mission to save the Pacifica realm. The story revolves around Barbie Mermaid Power™, where Isla from Dolphin Magic calls upon Barbie and Barbie to compete for the title of the underwater Power Keeper. This competition involves a series of challenges that aim to reveal their hidden potentials. As they engage in these contests, they uncover whether their mermaid powers align with Earth, Air, Water, or Fire elements, all while forming connections with new mermaid and animal companions. This tale explores themes of friendship, courage, and exploration as Barbie, Barbie, and their family navigate the dual worlds above and beneath the ocean’s surface, gaining insights into their inner strengths along the way.

Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams (2022)

GenreVoice ActorDirectorRelease DateProduction CompanyRun TimeIMDb Rating
Animation / Family / Musical America Young,
Amber May,
Greg Chun
Scott Pleydell-Pearce20 August 2022Mattel Television1 hour 5.7/10

Barbie exchanges the sunny beaches of Malibu for the vibrant allure of Broadway, as she participates in a special summer performing arts program and encounters another individual named Barbie. As their acquaintance deepens, the two companions swiftly realize that their commonalities go beyond just sharing a name.

Barbie and Chelsea: The Lost Birthday (2021)

GenreVoice ActorDirectorRelease DateProduction CompanyRun TimeIMDb Rating
Animation / Adventure / FamilyLaila Berzins,
Nakia Burrise,
Greg Chun
Cassandra Mackay16 April 2021Mattel Television1 hour5.2/10

Barbie & Chelsea: The Lost Birthday tells the story of Chelsea, the spirited and youngest sibling of Barbie, along with the entire Roberts family. They embark on an adventurous cruise to celebrate Chelsea’s seventh birthday. However, as they cross the International Date Line, an unexpected twist occurs: Chelsea’s true birthday is misplaced. This prompts her to initiate a captivating expedition through a mystical jungle island, all in an effort to reclaim and rescue her lost birthday. It is considered as the best Barbie Movies On Netflix in 2023.

Barbie Princess Adventure (2020)

GenreVoice ActorDirectorRelease DateProduction CompanyRun TimeIMDb Rating
Animation / Family / Musical Ogie Banks,
Eamon Brennan,
Nakia Burrise
Conrad Helten1 September 2020Mattel Northern Europe,
Mattel Television
1h 12m5.5/10

Barbie Princess Adventure imparts valuable lessons to its youthful viewers about the significance of remaining authentic, embracing personal interests, and recognizing the strength inherent in friendships and empathy. Within this animated musical, Barbie is initially depicted as a regular teenager residing in Los Angeles, where she resides with her technology-savvy companion and nurtures her passion for singing. Unexpectedly, her life takes a dramatic shift when she receives an invitation to a grand royal event. It is during this event that she unveils a surprising truth: she is, in fact, the missing princess of the fictional palace of Floravia.

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale (2010)

GenreVoice ActorDirectorRelease DateProduction CompanyRun TimeIMDb Rating
Animation / Family / FantasyKelly Sheridan,
Kathleen Barr,
Tabitha St. Germain
Adam Wood2 March 2010Mattel Entertainment,
Rainmaker Entertainment
1h 15m6.3/10

Barbie takes on the role of Merliah, a skilled surfer hailing from Malibu. Her life takes a drastic turn when she transitions from an ordinary teenager to someone who uncovers a startling familial revelation: she’s actually a mermaid. This newfound knowledge prompts Merliah and her companion, the dolphin Zuma, to embark on a submerged journey aimed at rescuing her mother, who holds the title of Oceana’s queen. Supported by her newly formed friendships among fellow mermaids, Merliah successfully defends the underwater realm. Ultimately, she realizes that her unique attributes could be her most potent assets.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (2018-2020)

GenreVoice ActorDirectorRelease DateProduction CompanyRun TimeIMDb Rating
Animation / Family / ComedyAmerica Young,
Emanuela Pacotto,
Cassidy Naber
Ann Austen3 May 2018Mattel Entertainment,
Rainmaker Entertainment
22 minute6.7/10

Barbie resides in the company of her siblings Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea, alongside a diverse array of companions. Throughout the series, Barbie encounters obstacles and setbacks in her professional endeavors, yet she gains valuable insights into persistence, innovation, and effective issue-solving.

Beyond Barbie’s personal journey, the show also focuses on the experiences of other characters, highlighting how these friends consistently rally to provide one another with steadfast support and motivation. The contemporary portrayal of Barbie in this series renders her remarkably relatable and astute. With its heartening portrayal of Barbie’s interactions with her friends, this show offers an excellent option for family entertainment.

Barbie: It Takes Two (2022-Present)

GenreVoice ActorDirectorRelease DateProduction CompanyRun TimeIMDb Rating
Animation / Short / AdventureAmerica Young,
Tatiana Varria,
Daysha Ligeon
 Scott Pleydell-Pearce4 March 2022

Mainframe Studios,
Mattel Television


The show tracks the journey of both Barbie and Barbie as they enroll in a year-long performing arts school in New York City. They embark on a mission to create a music demo and engage in various part-time jobs to finance their aspirations. Amidst their adventures in the bustling city and frequent visits back to Malibu, they remain connected to their loved ones. Packed with narratives of camaraderie, kinship, determination, and endurance, the series accompanies this legendary pair as they diligently pursue their ambitions while enjoying themselves. This captivating new series also introduces fresh personas, novel backdrops, and an impressive collection of six brand-new songs.

Barbie Spy Squad (2016)

GenreVoice ActorDirectorRelease DateProduction CompanyRun TimeIMDb Rating
Animation / FamilyErica Lindbeck,
Stephanie Sheh,
Jenny Pellicer
Michael Goguen,
Conrad Helten
1 March 2016DHX Media,
Mattel Playground Productions
1h 15m5.5/10

Barbie, along with her close companions Teresa and Renee, are dedicated gymnasts who put in a lot of effort. Renee’s aunt, Zoe, notices their abilities and enlists them as undercover operatives in a classified spy organization. Together, Barbie and her friends track down leads related to a jewel-thieving cat burglar who has eluded all previous investigators. Utilizing advanced technology, stylish disguises, and robotic pets, Barbie and her friends collaborate to successfully complete their assignment. It is one of the best Barbie Movies On Netflix in 2023.

How Much Has the Barbie Movie Made?

According to official figures from Warner Bros., Greta Gerwig’s highly successful movie Barbie 2023 has generated an incredible $1.03 billion in worldwide box office earnings.

Final Words

The joy of watching Barbie movies remains consistent regardless of whether you’re a child or an adult. If you’re seeking the top-notch best Barbie Movies On Netflix in 2023, these are definitely a must-see.

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