Adam Thomas was oblivious of ‘Waterloo Road’ fandom

Adam Thomas was the first to be approached by BBC for a reboot of Waterloo Road and the star claims he was oblivious to the stardom of the show post-Covid.

In a recent interview at BBC, the star says he had no idea they were making another season and says, “I never saw it coming. I was literally in my restaurant doing dishes at the time that I got the phone call. It’s mad how things work out.”

Waterloo Road

Katie Griffiths too adds to the conversation and says, “There’s clearly been an outpouring of love for the show, which I was oblivious to during lockdown. I had no idea how popular it was. So it felt very exciting that they wanted to bring it back again.”

However, Cameron Roach, the executive producer of Waterloo Road claims that the show is a brand initself and it deserved another season considering its hype. “For the BBC, it is a brand that has a lot of affection and a lot of love from an audience. So it felt ripe for reinvention.”

Waterloo Road

Liz Lake, the writer of several episodes of the show says that Waterloo Road is a reflection of all social issues going on presently. And post-Covid, there was a lot to cover on screen. Lake says, “Waterloo Road was conceived as a campaigning show with social realism in its DNA. So much has happened since Waterloo Road closed its doors nearly 10 years ago”

Lake continues saying, “The enormous amount of history that’s happened – culturally, socially, internationally, globally – in that period of time has been so huge and so impactful, and it would be disingenuous and dishonest not to reference it and not to include it in the incarnation that we have now.”

Waterloo Road is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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