‘Bau, Artist at War’ holocaust drama adds Emile Hirsch to cast

The Wartime holocaust drama ‘Bau, Artist at War,‘ now in production, stars Emile Hirsch (Once Once a Time in Hollywood) and Inbar Levi (Fauda). The movie is based on the actual tale of Joseph and Rebecca Bau, whose wedding was portrayed in Steven Spielberg‘s “Schindler’s List” as taking place in the Plaszow concentration camp.

It chronicles Joseph’s experiences as an artist and a prisoner in the Plaszow camp, as well as his later struggle for justice. Joseph stays alive by creating fake identification while aiding hundreds of convicts in escaping the camp.

bau, aritst at war

His ingenuity and humor bring hope to an otherwise bleak situation. The office of Kommandant Goeth (Josh Blacker) is home to Rebecca, a spy who is also a member of the Resistance.

The holocaust also reveals that there were other persecuted groups in the concentration camps and provides an inclusive depiction of the Holocaust by including Afro-Germanic and LGBTQ+ characters in speaking parts and background extras. Sean McNamara is the film’s director.

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