Ted Lasso cast talks about the breakup and betrayal of Nate

The cast of the Emmy-winning comedy series “Ted Lasso” spoke with Variety ahead of the premiere of its season 3 on March 15th. The interviews provided insights into what viewers can expect from the show’s characters and the creative decisions made by the writers for Season 3, such as longer episodes for the season.

In this season, AFC Richmond faces higher stakes as they compete against West Ham United, now led by their former assistant coach Nate Shelley. Meanwhile, assistant coaches Roy Kent and Coach Beard support Ted in coaching the underdog team, while Ted copes with anxiety.

Ted lasso

Season three will delve even deeper into the characters’ choices and histories, including those of Sam, Nate, Colin, and Danny.

In this season of ‘Ted Lasso,’ the titular character ‘Ted Lasso’ questions his purpose in London after a prolonged visit from his son, revealing a more complex side to his character.

Brett Goldstein, who portrays Roy, revealed that his character will confront the difficulty of his decision to suddenly end his soccer career in the upcoming season.

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