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Our Guy in Colombia documentary is going to be release on TVNz on 14th November 2023. You can watch Our Guy In Colombia 2023 in USA on TVNz only via a VPN!

Our Guy in Colombia is a deep dive into Colombia’s soul, exploring its infamous association with narcotics and the indomitable spirit of its people. Hosted by Guy Martin, the series is a cultural and historical odyssey, offering a vivid picture of Colombia’s contrasts. Lets dive into this article for more information about plot, cast, epsidoe guide & how you can watch it in USA!

Quick Steps: How To Watch Our Guy In Colombia 2023 in USA on TVNZ

Follow these simple steps to watch Our Guy In Colombia 2023

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the New Zealand

  4. Login to TVNZ

  5. Watch Our Guy In Colombia on TVNZ

Where to Watch Our Guy In Colombia In USA

Our Guy In Colombia is available for live streaming on TVNz via a VPN. However, with a reliable VPN connected to a NZ server, United States fans can unblock the TVNz platform and stream the show.

There is no subscription needed to use TVNZ since it is a free service. Supported by ads, it allows viewers to watch their favorite shows without spending a dime. TVNZ is free for everyone, thus, it’s among the best streaming options in New Zealand.

Where Else Can I Watch Our Guy In Colombia In USA

Our Guy In Colombia is available for live streaming on Channel 4 via a VPN. Additionally, the series will be accessible On-Demand on Channel 4’s streaming platform. However, with a reliable VPN connected to a UK server, United States fans can unblock the Channel 4 platform and stream the show.

Channel 4 is a free-to-use streaming platform, you just have to make an account and it will allow you to access all its content for free, you must check out the Channel 4 Best Tv Shows & Channel 4 Best movies. But if you want to watch and add free shows then you can get Channel 4 subscription cost is $4.84/month and Channel 4 offers a 7-day free trial. Viewers outside the UK can access Channel 4 only via a VPN.

Our Guy in Colombia Release Date

TVNZ is launching Our Guy in Colombia,”a captivating documentary series that follows Guy Martin as he explores Colombia’s rich culture, history, and landscapes. The series, which premiered on 14th November 2023 on TVNZ & it has been previously released on Channel 4 on 23 July 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Colombia’s heart and soul.

Our Guy in Colombia About

In the heart of South America lies a land of contrasts, vividly captured in Our Guy in Colombia. Guy Martin’s journey unfolds, from the shadows of Pablo Escobar to the adrenaline rush of gravity racing. The series paints a vivid picture, juxtaposing Colombia’s natural allure against the stark realities of its drug-fueled notoriety.

Meet Our Guy in Colombia Cast

  • Guy Martin: The charismatic and courageous host.
  • Pablo Escobar’s Nephew: Offering intimate glimpses into the life of the infamous drug lord.

Our Guy In Colombia Trailer

How Many Episodes Are There In Our Guy In Colombia

The series features a two-part documentary. Each episode offers a unique perspective on Colombia’s diverse and complex culture.

  • Our Guy In Colombia Episode 1: Martin’s journey begins with a harrowing simulation of abduction, revealing the dangers in Medellin’s streets.
  • Our Guy In Colombia Episode 2: The adventure continues with dives into narco-submarines and immersion in local customs.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Our Guy In Colombia Miniseries In USA on TVNZ

TVNZ is exclusively accessible in New Zealand, and owing to copyright regulations and content distribution rights, you cannot access the TVNZ content library from anywhere. So, a dependable VPN is necessary to watch TVNZ Outside New Zealand. TVNZ is geo-restricted, so you’ll get this warning if you attempt to watch it without a VPN.

You’ll need a VPN that connects you to a New Zealand server if you’re outside New Zealand and want to watch TVNZ. VPNs encrypt and reroute your data via their remote servers.

Best VPN to Watch Our Guy In Colombia Miniseries in USA on TVNZ

To ensure a seamless viewing experience, choosing a reliable VPN service on TVNz is recommended, here is the top option to consider as the best VPNs for TVNz.


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What Else To Watch On TVNz From Anywhere

Is It Worthy To Watch Our Guy in Colombia

Guy Martin offers cultural immersion in Colombia, adventures, insightful encounters with Pablo Escobar’s nephew, stunning visuals, and a balanced perspective on Colombia’s dark history with narcotics.

Where Was Our Guy in Colombia Filmed

The documentary was filmed in various locations across Colombia, showcasing both its stunning landscapes and urban settings.

Fans Reviews For Our Guy in Colombia

Our Guy in Colombia IMDb Ratings

Our Guy in Colombia imdb ratings are 6.8/10 & here is the review of Our Guy in Colombia

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Our Guy in Colombia a Documentary?

Our Guy in Colombia is, indeed, a documentary. The intriguing new series is a documentary about gorgeous Colombia. Guy Martin, the show’s host, will fly to Colombia to learn as much as he can about the country.

Is Channel 4 Our Guy in Colombia a true story?

Yes, Guy Martin goes to far-flung locales to uncover new things in the show, which is based on a true event. This time, he heads to Colombia to discover the country’s beauties as well as the terrible drug trade.

Why is Our Guy in Colombia not available in my country?

Due to geo-restrictions and licensing agreements of TVNz & Channel 4

Final Thoughts!

If the adventure calls, Our Guy in Colombia promises satisfaction. From your home, traverse the Colombian landscape alongside Guy Martin. Embark on this enriching journey now and dont forget you can watch Our Guy In Colombia via a VPN on both TVNz & Channel 4

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