Watch ‘Vigilante Kdrama’ 2023 In Australia On Disney Plus

NamJooHyuk is back for all Australian fans in this new exciting kdrama called Vigilante airing on 08 Nov 2023. You can watch Vigilante Kdrama in Australia on Disney Plus (Singapore) via a VPN!

This kdrama unfolds as a young man, Kim Ji-Yong, is damaged by his mother’s terrible death during his formative years. His life takes a decisive turn as he devotes himself to martial arts and flourishes as a police academy student. However, fate takes an unexpected turn when the assailant guilty for his mother’s murder gets freed from jail, only to be captured in the midst of committing another crime, lets find more about this series & how you can watch it Australia!

Quick Steps: How to Watch Vigilante Kdrama in Australia online

Follow these simple steps to watch Vigilante Kdrama

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the Singapore

  4. Login to Disney Plus

  5. Watch Vigilante Kdrama on Disney Plus

Where To Watch Vigilante Kdrama 2023 In Australia

Revenant Kdrama is currently being broadcast on Disney Plus, which requires a subscription to access its content, you can’t watch it online for free. Unfortunately, the free trial option for Disney Plus is no longer available. You’ll also need a VPN to connect to Disney Plus in your area, if you are not from Singapore.

Disney plus is a very popular streaming platform and have variety of streaming content that you can stream like Best Marvel Movies, Best Romance Movies& many more. Here is the Disney Plus subscription plan.

Types Of PackagesPricing Per MonthFeatures Included
Disney+ Standard (Ad-Supported Plan)AU$9.52 a monthUp to Full HD 1080p
2 streams
No offline downloads.
Disney+ Standard (Ad-Free Plan)AU$15.27 a monthUp to Full HD 1080p
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Disney+ PremiumAU$20.98 a monthUp to 4k UHD & HDR
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Vigilante Kdrama 2023 Premiere Date

Mark your calendars: Vigilante will be released on Disney+ on November 8, 2023. With its riveting investigation of topics like as vengeance, justice, and the consequences of vigilantism, this drama series promises to be an electric addition to Disney+’s broad portfolio.

The Dark Hero Created By Society- All About Vigilante Kdrama 2023

Ji-Yong’s search for justice is renewed in this episode, fueled by a single desire to revenge his mother’s death. This choice thrusts him into the murky depths of the criminal underground, where the borders between good and wrong blur and the repercussions of his actions have a heavy impact on his personal life. Vigilante goes into a complicated web of topics like vengeance, justice, and the moral complications of taking the law into one’s own hands.

Vigilante Kdrama (2023) Cast

For those eager to get to know the talent behind “Vigilante,” here is a glimpse of the cast:

CastPlaying As
Nam Joo-hyukKim Ji-Yong
Yoo Ji-taeJo Heon
Lee Jun-hyukJo Gang-ok
Kim So-jinChoi Mi-Ryeo
Ahn Seong-bong
Lee Do-Goon

Vigilante Kdrama 2023 Trailer

K-drama Vigilante has garnered positive comments from fans, particularly Nam Joo Hyuk, who is set to star in the series. The comments highlight Hyuk’s acting skills and attractive appearance, and praise Disney’s decision to adapt such stories. Some fans plan to binge-watch the series, preferring to consume it in one go rather than the weekly episodic format. Overall, the comments reflect a strong enthusiasm for Vigilante, especially due to Hyuk’s involvement, and there is a sense of anticipation for a high-quality series that will showcase his talents in a new light.

Synopsis Of Vigilante Kdrama 2023

The drama tells the story of a Metropolitan Investigation Team Unit tracking an organization called Vigilante, which judges the wicked people who escaped the law which has become a social phenomenon.


Vigilante Kdrama 2023 Episodes Guide

Vigilante’s story develops over the course of eight riveting episodes. This succinct framework promises a compelling and tightly connected plot, ideal for a weekend binge-watch. Korean drama fans and action fans alike should mark their calendars for Vigilante’s release date.

  • Vigilante Kdrama Episode 1 – Wed, Nov 8, 2023: TBA
  • Vigilante Kdrama Episode 2 – Thu, Nov 9, 2023:TBA
  • Vigilante Kdrama Episode 3 – Wed, Nov 15, 2023:TBA
  • Vigilante Kdrama Episode 4 – Thu, Nov 16, 2023: TBA
  • Vigilante Kdrama Episode 5 – Wed, Nov 22, 2023: TBA
  • Vigilante Kdrama Episode 6- Thu, Nov 23, 2023: TBA
  • Vigilante Kdrama Episode 7 – Wed, Nov 29, 2023: TBA
  • Vigilante Kdrama Episode 8 – Thu, Nov 30, 2023: TBA

Vigilante Kdrama 2023 Behind The Scene

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Vigilante Kdrama 2023 In Australia

The need for a VPN to watch Vigilant in the Australia on Disney+ is necessary on the geo-restrictions placed on the streaming service. Disney+Singapore is only available in Singapore, making it inaccessible to viewers residing in Australia.

A streaming VPN for Disney+ is your passport to overcoming this hurdle. By masking your IP address and connecting to a server to Singapore, you can effortlessly sidestep these geo-restrictions and unlock blocked content in Australia.

Best VPN To Watch Vigilante Kdrama 2023 In Australia

We have assessed the leading reliable VPN provider that can be trusted to watch Vigilante Kdrama 2023 In Australia. Here is our top option to consider as the best VPN for Disney Plus.


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Vigilante Kdrama IMDb Ratings Are Here!

The IMDb ratings of Vigilante Kdrama are 7.1/10 for now!

What Else To Watch On Disney Plus In Australia

Vigilante Kdrama Excitement On Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Vigilante Kdrama is Worth Watching?

The Vigilante Kdrama is a worthwhile series to watch since it follows an ambitious officer who vows to murder every criminal guilty for his mother’s death.

What mental illness does Vigilante Kdrama have?

The disorders featured in the Vigilante Kdrama include autism and psychopathy.

Is Vigilante Kdrama based on korean comic?

The drama is based on a Korean comic available on Webtoon, and fans are eagerly anticipating the show’s adaptation from a manhwa to a live-action format.

Final Thoughts!

Vigilante, a K-drama due to debut on Disney Plus, is attracting worldwide fans with its engaging plot that mixes action, suspense, and moral quandaries. Nam Joo-hyuk’s transition into a dark hero has the potential to reshape the superhero genre in Korean dramas. With the release of the final teaser, audiences are anxious to dig into this epic adventure, which will be available only on Disney Plus.

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