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Interweaving melodies, historical retrospection, and a vibrant carnival of cultures, Ice T and LL Cool J unite their artistry to commemorate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop through an innovative TV series, Hip Hop Treasures. This enchanting show delves profoundly into the core of the hip-hop evolution, unveiling forgotten gems that have been instrumental in shaping this global cultural spectacle. With excitement soaring, save the date for the premiere on Saturday, August 12, 2023, exclusively on A&E. Embark on a rhythmic expedition through time in the UK as you tune in to watch the unearthing of hip-hop’s concealed riches within Hip Hop Treasures — a thrilling sojourn into the heart of a cultural revolution!

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Hip Hop Treasures – Get ready for the release date!

Mark your calendars and set your alarms for the highly anticipated premiere of Hip Hop Treasures on Saturday, August 12, 2023 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on A&E. It’s time to turn up the volume and step into the rhythm of hip-hop history like never before!

Where can I watch the TV show Hip Hop Treasures online in UK for free?

Dive headfirst into the rhythmic universe of Hip Hop Treasures on A&E, all while relishing the ease of your preferred screen! Moreover, brace yourself for an electrifying show that’s readily accessible online for free, thanks to streaming platforms such as Sling TV, DirecTV, Philo, and Hulu+ Live TV.

Embark on a virtual journey with Hip Hop Treasures, made accessible through no-cost trials on multiple platforms. Delve into Philo TV’s 7-day free trial, unveiling an affordable streaming service at just $25 per month. Alternatively, uncover a cable-free Hip Hop Treasures experience via DirecTV Stream’s 5-day free trial. Furthermore, Sling TV incorporates A&E across its plans, and new subscribers are currently treated to a 50% discount on their first month’s subscription, along with a 7-day free trial.

To ensure your streaming journey remains harmonious, amplify it with the unwavering VPN support of ExpressVPN, assuring unfettered access to each episode, regardless of your global coordinates. Tune in and be transported as Ice T and LL Cool J personally guide you through a spellbinding excursion, chronicling the pulsating narrative of hip-hop’s storied past.

Teaser alert: Catch the trailer of Hip Hop Treasures

Prepare to be utterly amazed as you catch a glimpse of the sensational preview for Hip Hop Treasures! Accompany the iconic duo of Ice T and LL Cool J as they guide us through a spellbinding exploration of hip-hop’s intricate past. As they unveil hidden gems and reveal the untold narratives that have sculpted hip-hop’s cultural impact, they transport us to a bygone era. Envision stepping into a rhythmic time capsule teeming with nostalgia and the captivating stories of legendary pioneers. This isn’t just a show – it’s an exhilarating odyssey that will leave you yearning for more. Don’t let the chance slip through your fingers; surrender to the irresistible groove of Hip Hop Treasures!

Official Synopsis

“Led by LL COOL J and Ice T alongside field collectors and museum curators, ‘Hip Hop Treasures’ tells the story of some of Hip Hop’s greatest artists and the items they made famous.”


Beyond the Beats: Hip Hop Treasures Chronicles Music’s Legacy 

Hip Hop Treasures transcends conventional boundaries, morphing into an extraordinary voyage shepherded by the esteemed hip-hop luminaries Ice T and LL Cool J. Alongside adept field collectors Cipha Sounds and Yo-Yo, as well as the astute Chief Museum Curator Paradise Gray and Curator Pete Nice, this undertaking sets out on a heartfelt mission to reclaim and present unparalleled hip-hop relics, erstwhile lost to the sands of time. From the renowned Notorious B.I.G. jersey to DMX’s unique Aaliyah car, each artifact becomes a living testament to the evolution of hip-hop’s essence.

Unveiling the cast of Hip Hop Treasures

Hip Hop Treasures showcases legends, collectors, and curators in a compelling exploration of hidden artifacts and stories, providing a unique perspective on hip-hop’s history.

Cast Members
LL Cool J
Cipha Sounds (Field Collector)
Yo-Yo (Field Collector)
Paradise Gray (Chief Museum Curator)
Pete Nice (Curator)
Special Guests
Flavor Flav
CeeLo Green
Naughty by Nature
Fat Joe
Master P
Soulja Boy

What’s the plot of A&E’s Hip Hop Treasures?

Hip Hop Treasures invites audiences on an immersive odyssey through the annals of hip-hop, masterminded by the iconic duo, Ice T and LL Cool J. A diverse crew of music aficionados embarks on an exhilarating expedition, driven by the desire to uncover the forgotten gems that have lent hip-hop its unparalleled allure. Each episode is a captivating revelation, delving into the stories behind monumental jerseys worn by luminaries, vintage cars that once cruised to the rhythm of poetic verses, and an eclectic array of extraordinary artifacts that encapsulate the genre’s vibrant history. As the journey unfolds, viewers are privy to a symphony of narratives, seamlessly intertwining past and present, culminating in an enriching experience that redefines the essence of hip-hop.

How many episodes of Hip Hop Treasures are there?

Wondering about the excitement that lies ahead? Although the specific episode count for Hip Hop Treasures is undisclosed, get ready for an abundance of content! Each episode unravels like a fresh chapter in an immensely enthralling narrative. Delve into the realm of distinct hip-hop elements and the influential figures who etched their names in history. Whether it’s a limited series or a generous assortment, prepare for an immersive and educational escapade chronicling the fascinating journey of hip-hop!

Episode No.Release DateTitleSummary
1August 12, 2023The Notorious B.I.G.LL COOL J and the Universal Hip Hop Museum team search for iconic artifacts from The Notorious B.I.G., guided by family members and protege Lil’ Cease, including the iconic crown.
2August 19, 2023Ice-T & CoolioField collector Yo-Yo, directed by Ice-T, collects memorabilia from Coolio’s career; Coolio’s final TV appearance before his passing adds poignancy.
3August 26, 2023DMXT.B.A.

Here are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of Hip Hop Treasures

Hip Hop Treasures IMDbHip Hop Treasures Rotten Tomatoes

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What else to watch on A&E?

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Will there be more seasons of Hip Hop Treasures?

While information about future seasons is not available at the moment, the success and reception of the show may influence decisions regarding additional seasons.

Are there special guest appearances in Hip Hop Treasures?

Absolutely! In addition to the main cast, Hip Hop Treasures features appearances by prominent names in the hip-hop industry, including DMC, Flavor Flav, CeeLo Green, Naughty by Nature, Fat Joe, Master P, Soulja Boy, and more.

What is The Universal Hip Hop Museum?

The Universal Hip Hop Museum is an institution dedicated to preserving and celebrating the legacy of hip-hop culture. The museum serves as a custodian of hip-hop artifacts and aims to showcase these treasures to the world, with plans for a global unveiling in 2024.

Wrapping Up!

As the golden jubilee of hip-hop illuminates the horizon, Hip Hop Treasures stands tall as a radiant tribute, a reservoir of cherished memories, and a source of enlightenment. Collaborating triumphantly with The Universal Hip Hop Museum, the show profoundly solidifies its mission to preserve and venerate the enduring legacy of hip-hop for the forthcoming generations. Join us on Saturday, August 12, 2023, airing on A&E, as Ice T and LL Cool J graciously escort you on a mesmerizing expedition through the evocative relics that have indelibly shaped a vibrant culture. Whether you choose to tune in via your television screen or opt for online streaming, ensure you partake in this unparalleled homage to the transformative art form that reshaped the globe.

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