10 Best Turkish Series to Watch on Netflix in UK

Are you ready to take an enthralling ride through the world of Turkish shows on Netflix? Well then, brace yourself for some drama, romance, and mystery, all from the comfort of your own screen. Get ready to be hooked from the very first episode as we unveil the best Turkish series on Netflix in UK that have graced the streaming platform. It’s time to indulge in the magic of storytelling, where cultural richness meets binge-worthy entertainment!

The Life and Movies of Ersan Kuneri

Ersan Kuneri, an esteemed director in the realm of erotic cinema, critically evaluates his extensive cinematic repertoire. This introspection primarily revolves around his momentous choice to diverge from his well-established domain and delve into the creation of films across various genres. By venturing into uncharted territories such as science fiction and medieval action cinema, Kuneri aimed to explore new avenues of artistic expression and expand his creative horizons.

Man on Pause

In this Turkish show on Netflix, we are introduced to Yusuf, a man whose unassuming existence revolves around his loving family and the tranquil surroundings of Marmaris. However, the onset of a midlife crisis triggers a profound shift within him, compelling him to reassess his entire life and initiate a process of personal reinvention. This endeavour begins with a seemingly trivial act—Yusuf’s decision to bleach his hair—an outward reflection of his profound internal transformation.

As he seeks to revitalize his connection with his wife, Yusuf takes bold steps to reignite the spark in their relationship. He surprises her with a romantic beach date, rekindling the flame of their love against the backdrop of the picturesque shores. Yusuf’s newfound zest for life leads him to capture precious moments with his family, cherishing their joyous experiences. He even takes the leap into social media by signing up for Instagram, symbolizing his willingness to adapt and embrace change.

Hot Skull

Within a bleak and dystopian realm, a devastating epidemic engulfs society. It spreads with alarming speed through the mere act of verbal communication. In the midst of this chaos, a tyrannical institution seizes control. It’s desperate to locate and capture a linguist with a rare immunity to the disease.

The epidemic’s dire consequences become painfully evident in the shadows of this haunting world. Every word spoken becomes a potential conduit for the deadly pathogen, triggering a cascade of affliction and suffering. The fabric of communication now serves as a harbinger of doom. The people must resort to desperate measures to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Hot Skull is undeniably one of the best Turkish series on Netflix!


Ethos is another one of the most thought-provoking Turkish shows on Netflix. The show goes deep into the intricacies of human conduct, societal conventions, and the formidable influence of individual viewpoints. Enveloped within the contemporary tapestry of Istanbul, Ethos artfully unravels the lives of many interconnected characters hailing from diverse walks of life, each wrestling with their personal dilemmas and uncertainties.

The plot is centred around Meryem, a perceptive caregiver with an uncanny ability to decipher the unspoken thoughts and longings of others. As Meryem encounters various people, we witness their personal trials, aspirations, and dreams.

Rooted in the rich tapestry of Turkish society, this Turkish drama is a masterclass in character exploration. It deftly examines the interplay between disparate social strata, generations, and belief systems.

Midnight at the Pera Palace

Within the vibrant metropolis of Istanbul, an extraordinary tale unfurls amidst the hallowed walls of a renowned hotel. Esra, a tenacious journalist, unexpectedly transports through the annals of time. She embarks on a remarkable odyssey through history.

Her mission? To thwart a sinister conspiracy that, if successful, could dramatically reshape the very fabric of modern-day Turkey. As she navigates the kaleidoscope of the past, Esra becomes acutely cognizant of the immense burden that rests upon her shoulders.

The Club

Taking place in the vibrant city of 1950s Istanbul, this series ranks high among the best Turkish series on Netflix. It portrays a resolute mother’s quest for redemption and reconnection with her estranged and defiant daughter. Haunted by a troubled history, she discovers solace and meaning in her employment at a bustling nightclub. This way, she aims to repair the fractured bond that destiny had cruelly torn apart.

Wild Abandon

Caught in the throes of a hazy midlife crisis, Oktay, an architect, becomes ensnared in a labyrinth of self-exploration. He takes on a dual existence, breaking free from the drudgery of his everyday life. Wrestling with his internal dilemma, the architect succumbs to the magnetic pull of punk culture. Thus, he immerses in a vivacious underground universe that presents an offbeat refuge from the ordinary humdrum of his routine.

Meanwhile, his family lives their own troubling life, with his wife searching for white-collared jobs.


If you enjoy Turkish shows on Netflix that feature the shadowy underbelly of Istanbul, try this one out! This Turkish drama unfolds with a mysterious premise that centres around a hitman seeking refuge after being betrayed by his employers.

Gölge, a skilled assassin portrayed by the talented Engin Öztürk, desperately pursues to evade his haunting history. Serendipity leads him to an intriguing tailor shop, adorned with the number 50M2, which unexpectedly becomes his refuge. Resolute in his quest to forge a new path and abandon his violent past, Gölge adopts a fresh persona. He seeks solace amidst the unassuming walls of the tailor shop.

46 Yok Alan

Intrigued by the concept of parallel universes and the intricate nature of identity? If so, you have to watch this best Turkish series!

Meet Tekin, an exceptional genetics professor, who entangles himself in an utterly mind-boggling enigma. He stumbles upon a startling revelation: he has a doppelgänger residing in an alternate reality. As Tekin delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding his own existence, he unravels conspiracy, deceit, and scientific exploration that shatters his perception of what’s real. This stretches the limits of possibility.

Tekin’s doppelgänger has a significantly different life, personality, and memories. As Tekin attempts to understand the nature of this parallel existence, he entangles himself in a high-stakes game where the lines between the two realities blur.


Intersection (also known as “Kördüğüm” in Turkish) is a compelling Turkish show on Netflix that plunges into the complex relationships and lives of three individuals brought together by fate.

The show introduces us to two affluent businessmen whose existence revolves around their all-consuming infatuation with cars. The first businessman discovers his sense of self and contentment within luxury automobiles. Equally opulent and influential, the second businessman is renowned for his impeccable taste and collection of rare cars. Little do they know their shared love for these machines will propel them onto an unforeseen collision course with an idealistic paediatrician.

Summing Up

And thus, we draw the curtains on our list of the best Turkish series to grace Netflix. From authentic historical epics to new releases, these offerings are nothing short of a feast for avid binge-watchers. These Turkish dramas will effortlessly transport you across the sands of time.

We vow that you shall be ensnared and left craving for more! And once you have savoured the delights of this comprehensive list, another awaits your undivided attention. It’s eager to be discovered!

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