10 Best Turkish Series to Watch on Netflix in New Zealand

The search for new shows never comes to an end. Thankfully, Netflix is always updating its library with series from all around the world. It did so with Turkish dramas, too. And now, they’ve become a fan-favourite, with viewers across the globe tuning into them. If you’re wondering what are the best Turkish series on Netflix to watch in New Zealand, don’t worry! In less than a minute, you’ll find out the answer to that question. Let’s go!

Rise of Empires: Ottoman

Rise of Empires: Ottoman stands as a historical Turkish drama series portraying the ascent of the Ottoman Empire, a dominant and impactful historical empire. Drawing inspiration from real-life events, the series predominantly centres around the life and rule of Sultan Mehmed II, renowned as Mehmed the Conqueror. He played a pivotal part in reshaping the Ottoman state into an imposing empire.

Set in the 15th century, we get a look into the political, military, and personal struggles faced by Mehmed II. He ascended to the throne and sought to fulfil his ambitious vision of taking over the legendary city of Constantinople (present-day Istanbul). Mehmed’s desire to conquer this strategic stronghold, which had withstood numerous sieges throughout history, became a defining objective of his reign.


If you’re looking to watch the best Turkish series on Netflix, FATMA is a must-watch! It’s an engrossing TV series that revolves around the life of a modest cleaning lady, Fatma. She stumbles upon an extraordinary knack for eluding the consequences of her murders. This is largely due to the consistent underestimation she faces from those in her surroundings.

The story follows Fatma’s daily life as a seemingly ordinary woman with a mundane job while concealing her personality’s darker and more complex side. As she plunges deeper into her hidden talent, Fatma’s confidence grows. She becomes adept at orchestrating and executing her lethal plans without arousing suspicion.

Into The Deep

Following a devastating calamity that wreaks havoc on Earth, a tenacious marine biologist boards a submarine involved in a vital research expedition. Yet, as they venture into the enigmatic depths of the ocean, the crew quickly grasps that their struggle for survival transcends the dangers lurking in the deep sea.

Amidst the immense trials of their underwater expedition, Arman and his companions on the crew start unravelling complex deception and conspiracy that jeopardizes their very being. What initially seemed like a scientific exploration mission morphs into a high-stakes struggle for both truth and survival.


Ethos stands out as one of the most intellectual Turkish shows on Netflix. It’s all about the intricacies of human conduct, societal expectations, and the influence of individual viewpoints. Set in present-day Istanbul, we glimpse the lives of numerous interconnected characters from diverse backgrounds. They each wrestle with their own internal struggles and uncertainties.

The narrative centres around a young woman named Meryem, a caregiver who can comprehend the concealed thoughts and yearnings of those in her vicinity. As Meryem’s interactions with various individuals unfold, we are exposed to their challenges, dreams, and aspirations.

Midnight at the Pera Palace

Amidst the vibrant cityscape of Istanbul, a mysterious story takes shape within the prestigious walls of a legendary hotel. Esra, a journalist, unexpectedly transports back in time. She embarks on an extraordinary journey through history.

Her mission becomes clear: to foil a wicked scheme that, if accomplished, could profoundly alter the trajectory of contemporary Turkey. As she goes through the vibrancy of the past, Esra becomes acutely aware of the immense responsibility resting on her shoulders.

The Club

Taking place in the vibrant setting of 1950s Istanbul, this series ranks among the best Turkish series available on Netflix. It portrays a resolute mother’s journey to redemption and reconciliation with her estranged and defiant daughter. Haunted by a tumultuous history, she discovers solace and a sense of purpose while working at a lively nightclub. The woman yearns to heal the fractured bond that destiny had forcefully severed.

Wild Abandon

During a haze of uncertainty amidst his midlife crisis, Oktay, an architect, becomes ensnared in a journey of self-exploration. He takes on a double life that shatters the monotony of his existence. Wrestling with inner turmoil, the architect succumbs to the allure of punk culture. He immerses himself in a vibrant underground universe that provides an unconventional escape from the mundanity of his daily routine.

Meanwhile, his family lives their own troubling life, with his wife searching for white-collared jobs.


If you enjoy Turkish shows on Netflix that feature the shadowy underbelly of Istanbul, try this one out! This Turkish drama unveils an intriguing storyline centered around a hitman on the run. He’s shown seeking sanctuary after being betrayed by those who once employed him.

Gölge, a highly capable assassin portrayed by the talented actor Engin Öztürk, is on the run, yearning to break free from his haunting history. By a stroke of luck, he stumbles upon an unconventional tailor shop marked with the number 50M2, which unexpectedly becomes his refuge. Driven to leave his violent life behind and start anew, Gölge adops a fresh identity, finding solace within the seemingly ordinary walls of the tailor shop.

46 Yok Alan

Intrigued by the concept of parallel universes and the intricate nature of identity? If so, you have to watch this best Turkish series!

Tekin, a brilliant professor of genetics, finds himself entangled in an astonishing enigma when he stumbles upon the existence of his doppelgänger in an alternate reality. Thereafter, Tekin jumps into the mysteries of his own being. He unravels a complex combination of conspiracy, deceit, and scientific experimentation that shakes his understanding of reality and pushes the limits of what can be deemed possible.

Tekin’s doppelgänger has a significantly different life, personality, and memories. As Tekin attempts to understand the nature of this parallel existence, he entangles himself in a high-stakes game where the lines between the two realities blur.


Intersection (also known as “Kördüğüm” in Turkish) is a compelling Turkish show on Netflix that explores the complex relationships and intricate lives of three individuals interconnected by fate.

We are introduced to two affluent businessmen whose lives revolve around their deep obsessions with cars. The first businessman discovers his identity in high-end automobiles. The second businessman, equally affluent and influential, gains recognition for his refined taste and collection of rare cars. Unbeknownst to them, their mutual passion for cars will lead them on an unforeseen collision course with an idealistic paediatrician.

Summing Up

The world of Turkish television has witnessed a remarkable rise in popularity. The best Turkish series on Netflix have proven their ability to engage, entertain, and bring diversity to the streaming platform. These shows feature various themes and narratives, from historical dramas to contemporary tales of self-discovery. They are proof of the rich Turkish culture and storytelling. So, ee promise you don’t want to miss any of these. Happy Streaming!

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