Apple TV+’s Still Up Struggles with Screen-Only Aesthetic

In the realm of contemporary television, where streaming services like Apple TV+ continue to produce innovative content, the latest series to hit the screen, Still Up, has garnered mixed reviews and attention for its unique approach to storytelling.

Created by Steven Burge and Natalie Walter, this series attempts to deepen the bonds of friendship through late-night bouts of insomnia. While the show explores intriguing themes and character dynamics, critics have taken notice of its screen-only aesthetic, which has left some viewers wanting more.

Screen-Only Aesthetic Sparks Debate

The central plot of Still Up follows two friends, Lisa and Danny, portrayed by Thomas and Roberts. Their connection forms during sleepless nights as they turn to FaceTime for solace and companionship.

Apple TV+ Still Up Struggles with Screen-Only Aesthetic

This concept, while intriguing, has drawn both praise and criticism. Some argue it effectively captures the isolation of modern life, while others find it lacking in depth and emotional engagement.

According to Decider, a significant point of contention is the absence of character backstory, particularly regarding their insomnia struggles. Viewers are left in the dark about the origins of their sleepless nights and how they affect their well-being. While hints of Lisa’s parental anxiety and Danny’s numerous worries are given, the series falls short of fully exploring these aspects.

The series hints at a romantic narrative, with Lisa harboring feelings for Danny from the outset. However, the backstory of their initial romance remains a mystery, and their friendship lacks context. This leaves viewers with an incomplete understanding of their motivations and past connections.

As Still Up unfolds on Apple TV+, it remains to be seen whether the series will address these concerns and offer more in-person interactions between its characters. Striking a balance between its unique concept and the desire for tangible, in-person connections may determine its success with viewers.

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