Watch ‘Still Up’ In UK On Apple TV+

The new upcoming Apple TV+ comedy series is already creating a buzz globally. Still Up is scheduled to premiere globally on September 22, 2023 on Apple TV+. This fresh Apple has gained popularity way before its release. It looks promising to bring smiles and joy to audiences everywhere. If you are in the UK, there is no need to feel left out. You can simply watch ‘Still Up’ on Apple TV+ In UK using a VPN.

Using a VPN is a need to accessing Apple TV+ in UK, allowing you to navigate past geographical barriers. It masks your identity to access the content you are keen on watching.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Still Up In UK On Apple TV+

Follow these simple steps to watch Still Up

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Apple TV+

  5. Watch Still Up on Apple TV+

Where Can I Watch Still Up In UK

Apple TV+ holds the exclusive rights to stream ‘Still Up,’ positioning it as the sole platform for fans to catch this series. Given its worldwide debut, it will attract a substantial viewership. To watch Still Up on Apple TV+ in UK, it is vital to use a VPN to sidestep the geo-restrictions enforced by the streaming platform. Here are a few tricks to watch Apple TV+ in UK. You can also watch the much-loved TV show The Morning Show Season 3 for free with Apple TV+ free trial.

Why Do We Need A VPN To Watch Still Up In UK

A VPN serves as more than just a tool. It provides you with unrestricted entertainment. It enables you to watch ‘Still Up‘ in the UK on Apple TV+. Owing to geographical restrictions, the availability of Apple TV+ content is limited to USA only. However, a VPN can help you overcome these barriers, offering viewers in UK the chance to enjoy in the diverse content that Apple TV+ has to offer, all while ensuring a secure and private connection, protecting your data as you stream.

Which Are The Best VPNs To Watch Still Up On Apple TV+ In UK

To ensure a seamless viewing experience, choose the best VPN service for Apple TV+ including ExpressVPN, and NordVPN.


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The Release Date For Still Up UK

Mark your calendars as Still Up is set to premiere globally on Friday, September 22, 2023, on Apple TV+. The series promises to bring a fresh wave of comedy, making it a must-watch for all comedy genre fans.

Still Up Trailer

Yes, watch the trailer for Still Up to get a glimpse of the nocturnal world of Danny and Lisa. The trailer offers a sneak peek into the series filled with emotions, laughter, and the exploration of human connections in the quietest hours of the night.

The Plot Of Still Up

In the inaugural season of Still Up, viewers will be introduced to the unique late-night relationship between Danny, a socially anxious journalist, and Lisa, a free-spirited illustrator. Despite never meeting each other in person, the two insomniacs form a deep connection, communicating throughout the night while the rest of the world is asleep. Their relationship unfolds in a world that is quiet and asleep, offering a unique perspective on the connections we can forge in the most unlikely circumstances.

Episode Guide For Still Up

The comedy series Still Up comprises a total of eight episodes. With first three premiering on September 22. While a detailed breakdown of each episode is not provided, viewers can expect a series revolving around nightly adventures and heartfelt conversations between the two main characters, Danny and Lisa. Explore these night owls’ fears, dreams, and the silent yet vibrant world they inhabit during the late hours.

Cast Members Of Still Up

The series Still Up directed by John Addis brings together a talented cast to put the unique story of Still Up to life. The cast members of Still Up include:

  • Antonia Thomas as Lisa
  • Craig Roberts as Danny
  • Blake Harrison as Veggie
  • Rich Fulcher as Cat Man
  • Samantha Spiro as Veggie’s mother
  • Lois Chimimba as Amy
  • Luke Fetherston as Adam
  • Bronte Smith as Poppy
  • Albert Magashi as Tyler
  • Lois Chimimba as Amy
  • Cathy Murphy as NIkki
  • Enzo Squillino Jr. as Alonzo
  • Jo Martin as Angela
  • Alice Bailey Johnson as Kate
  • Ameer Choudrie as Bus Driver
  • David Alade as Carl, the pizza guy
  • Jacqueline Boatswain as Anne Cooper
  • Chris Chan as Chef
  • Jasmine Dooley as Young Lisa
  • Linda Hargreaves as Aunt Em
  • Ali Kahn as Dog Owner
  • Bronwyn James as Nurse Rose
  • Claire Carpenter as Donna
  • Anna Crilly as Dr. Jennifer Bentley
  • Letty Butler as Jane
  • Glen Davies as Bob
  • Tim Samuels as Ian
  • Remy Beasley as Anna
  • Ivana Basic as Lena Zurawski
  • Samantha Spiro


Who produced the upcoming omedy series Still Up?

Still Up is produced by Various Artists Limited. It is executive produced by BAFTA Award winner Paul Schlesinger and Emmy Award-winning Phil Clarke, with Arabella McGuigan as the series producer.

Is Still Up available on any platform other than Apple TV+?

As of now, Still Up is exclusively available on Apple TV+.

What kind of content does Apple TV+ offer?

Apple TV+ offers a range of premium content including drama and comedy series, feature films, documentaries, and kids and family entertainment. It has been recognized with numerous awards for its original content.


As we approach the premiere date, the excitement builds up for Still Up. This Apple original comedy series promises to offer a fresh wave of entertainment with its intriguing plot and stellar cast. Remember to use a reliable VPN to enjoy the series Still Up on Apple TV+ in UK. As to bypass the geo-restrictions that prevent viewers in UK from accessing the content. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the global premiere on Apple TV+.


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