Which Characters Departed From EastEnders in 2023?

EastEnders, the beloved British soap opera on BBC, has seen its fair share of dramatic exits and entrances over the years. As we look back at 2023, a number of characters departed from EastEnders in 2023, to the streets of Walford, leaving fans with memorable farewells. Here’s a roundup of the characters who have left the show this year.

1. Rocky Cotton’s Departure

Brian Conley, who played Rocky Cotton, exited the soap after a two-year stint. His character, initially introduced as a con artist, eventually became a significant part of the community. Despite the drama surrounding his character, including a marriage to Kathy Beale and blackmail from his long-lost wife, Conley’s departure was confirmed by EastEnders with no feud involved.

Conley, on his Instagram page, refuted any insinuation of discord between him and the show. He clarified that the decision to depart from the role after three years was motivated by various factors.

2. Whitney Dean Spreads Her Wings

Shona McGarty decided to leave her role as Whitney Dean after 15 years. Starting as a teenager, McGarty’s character faced numerous challenges over the years. Her decision to leave was to explore new opportunities, with hopes that the door remains open for Whitney’s return.

Speaking to The Sun in an interview, McGarty said: “I have decided to spread my wings and will be leaving EastEnders. I have loved my years in the show.

“I have been trusted with some incredible storylines and have made amazing friendships — and family — which will endure.”

3. Karen Taylor’s Exit

Lorraine Stanley’s portrayal of Karen Taylor came to an end as part of a cast shake-up. Karen’s character brought a mix of humor and heart to the show, and her final scenes were set to air later in the year.

In her Instagram post following the announcement of her departure, Stanley wrote, “Hey everyone! I’m so grateful for all of your lovely messages this past week. Thank you to @daranlittle for creating the Taylors and to the BBC for giving me the opportunity to play such a fabulous character, @bbceastenders I’ll be sad to be saying goodbye to Karen Taylor and will miss all the cast and crew at Eastenders.

“However, I’m looking forward to my next chapter and excited about being a jobbing Actor again & starting new ventures.”

4. Lola Pearce-Brown’s Tragic End

Lola Pearce-Brown, who valiantly battled a heartbreaking brain tumor diagnosis, peacefully passed away at her home on Wednesday, May 31. In the wake of a rapid deterioration in her health, Lola’s family received the devastating news that she had only a few hours left, prompting them to bid their final farewells.

During her last moments, Lola’s husband, Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick), and daughter, Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown), stood by her side, offering emotional support. As the night unfolded, Lola’s loved ones said their poignant goodbyes, creating a somber atmosphere.

In the early hours of the morning, Lola peacefully slipped away as the sunrise streamed in through the window. Lexi, holding her in bed, and Jay, by her side, marked the tender conclusion of Lola’s journey.

Danielle Harold’s character, Lola Pearce-Brown, faced a heart-wrenching end as she succumbed to a terminal brain tumor. The portrayal of Lola’s struggle and eventual passing served as a poignant and emotional moment for the show.

5. Ricky Butcher

Sid Owen made a dramatic return as Ricky Butcher after a decade away from the Square. Sonia Fowler called Ricky back to Walford to help his sister Janine, who was in turmoil over her fiancé Mick Carter’s complicated relationship with his estranged wife Linda. Ricky’s brief return played a key role in Janine’s explosive Christmas departure, as he called the police on her when she attempted to flee Walford with her daughter Scarlett.

During his time back in the Square, Ricky reignited his romance with ex-wife Sam Mitchell. As he prepared to return to Germany, where he had been living, Ricky proposed to Sam and asked her to join him. Sam initially agreed, but changed her mind upon discovering that her 12-year-old son, Ricky Jr., had impregnated his friend Lily Slater. Choosing to support her family, Sam declined Ricky’s offer. Disappointed but understanding, Ricky returned to Germany, taking his niece Scarlett with him after winning custody.

6. Ash Panesar’s Farewell

After four years on the soap, Gurlaine Kaur Garcha, who portrayed Ash Panesar, confirmed her departure through a social media post featuring a montage of pictures with her co-stars. Ash, a doctor, had been a central character in various storylines, particularly those revolving around her troubled family dynamics, her sexuality, and her strained relationship with her mother, Suki Panesar.

In 2022, Ash faced a temporary exit from the Square due to a homophobic attack and conflicts with Suki over her sexuality. Her final departure in March came as she was offered a dream job in Canada. However, her father Nish opposed her leaving and pressured Suki to convince Ash to decline the opportunity.

Determined to escape her father’s control, Ash accepted the job after Suki deliberately provoked her by suggesting she couldn’t handle the challenge. In a heartfelt conversation with Suki, Ash encouraged Nish to give Suki more responsibility in their businesses. With an emotional farewell to her family, Ash left the Square in a taxi, marking the end of her character’s journey.

7. Ryan Malloy’s Short Return

After a brief return to the Square, Ryan Malloy, played by Neil McDermott, quickly departed following his unexpected comeback. His return was prompted by the news that his 12-year-old daughter, Lily, was pregnant, and he aimed to reconnect with her.

Upon his return, tensions flared between Ryan and Stacey Slater, his estranged former lover, especially when it was revealed that Ryan intended to take Lily to live with him and his wife in Wakefield. Stacey strongly opposed this plan.

Lily initially considered moving with her father but changed her mind after overhearing him insult her mother. Furious, Lily defended Stacey and wanted nothing to do with her father. In the end, Ryan left Walford, informing Stacey that he would be reducing his child support payments.

Christmas 2023 Flashforward Mystery

A special flashforward episode revealed a murder mystery set to unfold by Christmas 2023. The episode teased the death of a male character, with several women of Walford implicated in the grim event.

Other Departures

Several other characters, including Jed, Vi Highway, Duncan Boyd, Lisa Fowler, Jo Cotton, and others, also left the show for various reasons, from evictions to new job opportunities and dramatic storylines.

Returning Characters

While some characters left, others made their return. Jacqueline Jossa’s Lauren Branning came back after five years, and Linda Henry’s Shirley Carter was set to return after a temporary exit. Kim Medcalf’s Sam Mitchell also made a comeback, and several other characters from the past reappeared to shake things up in Walford.

EastEnders continues to be a show that reflects the ever-changing dynamics of life, with characters coming and going, each leaving a lasting impact on the fictional community of Albert Square.

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